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The Vet is busy and other customers are in the waiting room needing his attention. And worse of all the semen is likely to leak back out.

In contrast at home you can do the AI when you are ready. Now you can take your time and perform the AI in a relaxed atmosphere your dog is comfortable with. Take your time and keep the dog elevated for 30 minutes or more. Finally if the semen arrives later in the day UPS can arrive late on occasion youare not in a panic becuase the Vets office is closed. Get your Dam in tip top condition, Up to date with shot, worming etc and not over weight. Do not give any medications to a pregnant dog with out consulting your Vet first.

Before you start the AI procedure. Walk the Dam for a few minutes and have her urinate if she needs to. Move the Dam to quiet place with out other dogs around, preferably with a dog crate or pen so she can remain there in comfort for at least an hour after the insemination. Remove the semen from the shipping container. You do not need to warm it before you AI. If you have a microscope evaluate the semen for quantity, percentage that is moving well and shape.

Have a helper hold the dam in a standing position. Some dogs will be agitated the first time you AI. Take your time and re-assure her. Glove your hand and lubricate your fore finger. Insert the finger in to the vulva and then pass the insemination tube into the vulva past the finger. The technique is to angle the tube inside the Vulva up towards the anus first to miss the Urethra where urine comes from and then more horizontally to the cervix.

You will not be able to pass through the cervix into the Uterus, this requires a professional using and Endoscope Be gentle and do not force the progress of the tube. But make sure it goes in far enough at least inches, further for larger Dams. This may take a few attempts of partially removing the tube and wiggling your finger to get past any folds in the vaginal tract.

If you meet resistance or the Dam is obviously very uncomfortable, backup and start again. No hurry here. Slowly push the plunger using the trapped air in the syringe to completely transfer all the semen to the Dam. If you can not push the plunger, back up the tube a fraction, you may have the tip blocked by the cervix. Remove the tube but not your finger.

Stimulate the ceiling of the vulva for a few minutes. Do not press on her stomach.

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Keep her elevated and quiet for another 20 or 30 minutes then place her in a crate to rest and be quiet for an hour. DO NOT let her outside or to urinate. Record the AI date so you predict whelp accurately. Keep her exercised and in tip top shape, feed quality food and no drugs with out Vet supervision. We with hold worming and heart worm medications on pregnant dogs. Natural birth is very risky and not recommended with out prior history and a Vet on stand bye.

Sarah Jane Correia (Author of Lesbian Pregnancy On A Budget - Two Moms' Tale Of Having A Baby)

Things can go wrong in a hurry resulting in still birth and even loss of the Dam! X-ray, blood tests, Ultra sounds, progesterone tests and palpation are all techniques to help schedule the correct day for a C-section. Have a plan of action in place at least a week before the anticipated birth. What are you going to do if it is a weekend or after 5 pm and you need a C-section? Plan ahead. Be careful about simply scheduling a C-Section months ahead based on the AI date. Watch for signs of whelp and C-Section when the puppies are actually due. We keep the pregnant Dam close by for the last few days of the pregnancy so we can time the c-section correctly.

She sleeps outside our bedroom so we can hear any changes. We take the Dams rectal temperature at least daily for the week prior to whelp and every few hours, two days from anticipated whelp. Her temp will drop from about to less than 99, Whelp will usually happen with in 24 hrs. You may miss the temp drop and a few Dams will have temperature fluctuations that are hard to interpret, but if we see a drop to 99 verified by two reading 10 minutes apart or less we schedule the Vet visit for that day.

We with hold food if we know that C-section is going to be with in 24 hours. Dogs with full stomachs can vomit under anesthetic and inhale the vomitus. Early C-section by even a couple of days will result in newborns with out developed lungs that will die quickly. Too late and the Dam has contractions and puppies can be stuck in the birth canal. You may loose both her and the puppies.

IUI Success Tips

Timing is critical. I often see dog owners who schedule the C-section weeks ahead, based on the AI date. But this is unreliable, even with careful testing to time the AI, because gestation time from ovulation to Whelp varies by a few days between dogs. This can result in early or late C-Sections. The preferred method is to time the office visit based on signs that labor will be in 24 hours or less. We still time our C-Sections partly based on rectal temperature drop and behavior.

But The best and reliable way is reverse progesterone. We use the same Target ovulation test we used to time the AI. The bitches progesterone stays elevated during the entire pregnancy and drops to a low level a couple of days before whelp. This is a strong blue on the Target test. Now we can safely time our C-Sections.

Avoid costly emergency after hours office visits. And the potential disaster of waking up to find our Frenchie had puppies while we slept and is in trouble.

1. Pregnancy versus live birth rates

Hopefully you can monitor your Dam and schedule the C-section but there are situations that require an immediate C-Section. If you see a green discharge this is placenta fluid and means the placenta has partially or completely separated. Every puppy is connected to a placenta through the umbilical cord. With out an intact placenta the puppy will die and must be delivered immediately. If you see any green discharge go to your Vet immediately. Check for cleft palates and keep the puppies warm.

New born C-section puppies are pretty lifeless for the first minutes. This can be scary, especially the first time you experience it. Puppies are rubbed and backs thumped to remove fluid from their lungs and get the lungs going. Sometimes non responding puppies are given shots and Oxygen to help stimulate breathing and heart rate. The Dam is brought out of Anesthesia and watched on the table for ten minutes or so to make sure she is OK.

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Before you leave make sure all puppies are breathing regularly and have pink noses and tongues. If they are gasping or look blue, do not leave the Vets office. When is it time to spay? That a discussion to have with your Vet.

10 tips for improving intrauterine insemination success

But if her uterus is very thin in places or she has lots of adhesions then maybe its time for a spay. Or if she has had a rough or difficult pregnancy or behave badly towards her pups it may be time to call it quits. It puts too much load on your girl and it can end very badly. Wait for a month or two and do it when she is back to regular health. Do not try to save a few dollars and combine both procedures. All of our puppies are born this way. But some are born free whelped. Could your girl free whelp? We do not recommend it.

You can loose puppies and your girl! But if you go this route get prepared. Keep the puppies warm on the way home. Have a small box with heated blankets. Long trips of an hour or more require a heating pad you can plug into the cars cigarette lighter. Place the pad under the puppies but do not cook them! Turn the pad on 10 minutes before you leave the Vet. We manufacture a portable Incubator. It can be used with house hold volt or your cars cigarette lighter 12 Volt See the Incubator it here.

Put the Dam in a crate by herself, she is too groggy to pay attention to the puppies until you get home. Your Dam will be groggy and sore for a few hours. When we get home we let the Dam under supervision walk and pee. We used to we put her in a crate outside our bedroom with a heating blanket under half of the crate floor. We introduce the puppies to her and put them on a teat. If she groggy she might roll on a puppy, so watch and make sure she is attentive. New Mothers can be confused at first, but they always seem to rise to the occasion and except responsibility.

Now all our litters are raised in out patent pending whelping box. It has a heater under the pigrail. Mum is not overheated and puppies are kept warm just under the rail. The safest place for them to be. We have kits to fit most crates and whelping boxes. Check it out here. Most of the time everything goes smoothly, puppies are weaned and all is well, but things can go wrong in a hurry and early detection is key to averting disaster. Get a kitchen scale with a LB range.

A thermometer and the scale are the most useful tools do not skip this step! Puppies will loose a little weight in the first 24 hours. Any weight loss after day one needs to be taken very seriously. The key to success is early diagnosis and treatment.

Puppies have very little reserves and a puppy in trouble can die in hours. Go to your Vet immediately. Put him on a nipple and see if he nurses, Check to make sure the puppy is not cold. New born are unable to regulate their body temperature for about 10 days and drafts and a cold room can make a puppy drop fast.

If the puppy is lethargic and not nursing then visit the Vet. We also check mother daily. Express milk from every teat, check the C-Section stitches and check her temp is around F. Milk fever low calcium and Mastitis from a blocked nipple are real threats that are easily cured but untreated can be death to the Dam and the entire litter! The best environment is a warm crate with attentive care, check the mother and puppies every few hours.

If you hear quiet puppies and suckling noises and they are gaining weight daily, then you are doing a good job. Continually crying or lethargic puppy or a restless Mother are the sure signs of a problem. Get this done days before you need it. This list also includes items that you would need if you are caught short and your girl has puppies at home.

It takes work and planning. Make sure you have the time to do the job. If you are a Mother then you already know the commitment and the joy. I still get excited with the whole miracle of life. Call, If you are in trouble and need advice, even if it is the wee hours of the morning we will answer the phone.

James: There are three testing companies in the USA that can for a fee determine your Frenchies coat color genetics. I like Animal Genetics in Florida: www. It is easy and fast. Simply send a drop or two of blood on a Q-Tip and get results emailed to you in about a week. Or if you remove dew claws send them off. You can send for free check swaps but it will delay the process waiting for the kit.

Many coat color traits in Frenchies require two copies one form each parent to express the Gene. Below is a video of four litter mates. Three are lilacs and one blue. Lilacs are both blue and chocolate dogs. If you have a puppy gasping for breath then you have an emergency situation that probably will not be resolved with out oxygen. Puppies with blocked airways or Pneumonia need immediate help. And if you hunt they can be purchased cheap. I bought a used one from a Pawn shop. I lost an older Frenchie to heat stroke many years ago. Had a similar situation just the other day and we saved this frenchie.

Tradition: A turkey baster pictured can be used as a means of at-home insemination. While some women choose to use a traditional turkey baster, a needle-less syringe will also serve the same purpose. The method involves women using semen from their boyfriend or husband, or from a willing donor, which they then inject into themselves using a turkey baster or a needle-less syringe. Women who are eager to use this method are advised to attempt it on the day of ovulation and the days before ovulation.

While the success rate of the turkey baster method is thought to be reasonably high, some women, like the Semenette's creator Stephanie Berman, have complained that it causes discomfort, and it is not known to be particularly enjoyable for the user. However, the method is still favored by women who do not wish to undergo IVF. Indeed, the product has proved so successful that the businesswoman has launched a new crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo. And Ms Berman insists that the Semenette should not just be viewed as a means of insemination - but can also be used by couples, or single people, who are looking to get a bit more creative in the bedroom.

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