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Even after 2, years, one can still sense the anxiety and frustrations of the Fremont Indians in their petroglyphs. This month, two artists caught my eye because both are taking historical information and oldworld talents and presenting them with new perspectives. The smell of warm apple pie wafts amid the gallery, reminding of comfort and peace in bet Feelings of angst and frustration ring through the space with familiar rallying anthems from Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Rage Against the Machine.

Stock Images of War runs Aug. West Temple. Artist Skyler Chubak continues that tradition as an artist penman. His work includes calligraphy, engrossing and engraving. With the advent of typewriters, keyboards and, thousands of fonts at the click of a button, the artistry of a penman has been overshadowed by speed and convenience.

His work will be on display at the God Hates Robots gallery space at W. Broadway Suite starting Sept. Since ancient times, people have marked the changing of summer to fall with the autumnal equinox. For years, I have marked the equinox with the semiannual Poor Yorick open studios. This event is a great evening of celebrating the mass amount of art created by the tenants of Poor Yorick, while also making room for new art to be created. Catch the show one night only, Saturday, Sept.

Crystal Avenue. Go out and get your own perspective— go take a stroll. The world of drug dealing and drug use are topics often portrayed in movies and TV—mainly played out through the lens of the society or law enforcement. The perspective and thoughts of people who are actually doing the acts are commonly overlooked. Dope takes the reader head first into the world of methamphetamine and the criminal justice system.

Kevin Grose illuminates his own story through a personal and straightforward style of writing. This type of writing makes the reader want to keep pushing through the morbid humor and settings. Grose also deftly highlights the pain, suffering and pure power of addiction. Immune System is the third installment of the Dewey Decimal Trilogy. Set mainly in the United States, this dystopian novel follows a man who is in cahoots with a corrupt mayor, living in the Chinese district of New York and is sent to protect a pair of Saudi royals.

This book is definitely for anyone who enjoys the crude humor of Palahniuk and the fantastical storytelling of Orson Scott Card. In his most recent foray into the literary world, The Wolves that Live in Skin and Space: A Novel, Zeischegg attempts to create a devastating vision of the modern porn era by exposing or at least explaining the ever-diminishing fourth wall between performer and audience, the growing threat of HIV, and the severely crippled lives of those in the industry.

What we get is a dialogue-driven, spunk-covered, nihilistic meandering for the better part of pages—all of which is lead by Zeischegg himself, as main character and author a questionable move on its own. Once I received mine, I became instantly elated—and for good reason.

Though the Nano Puff Jacket is lightweight, it insulates par excellence. The Nano Puff Jacket is perfect for nippy bike rides to work when I want to save on gas in cold weather. Their designs are punchy and varied, featuring solid puns, dad jokes and entertaining mashups. While I do find myself flipping through their hour deals every so often, it seems like their selection is geared more toward the nerd-casual and fandom end of the spectrum. For some people, this is a blessing, because nothing feels quite as awkward as having to explain the joke written across your chest to random passersby.

Snorg makes a quality tee with good stitching, designs that fade a lot less than your average hour sale shirt and a selection that includes something for just about anyone. InvisibleShield Arsenal Case zagg. The Arsenal is, in essence, a Halliburton for your phone. It comes in five sections: the protective shield, the rubber mold, the front faceplate and the top and bottom shell pieces.

A must-own for those looking to trade their phones in later in one piece. Not to say physical, face-to-face issues are not important, although I wanted to ask about a different side of police work that may have been overlooked… cyber crimes. I was wondering at what level police start to search and interject in cyber crimes—city-, county- or statewide? Do police interject on cyber bullying or does the offense need to be much more severe case such as identity theft, Internet scams or fraud?

A good example of classic internet fraud and cyber crimes is the local KSL Classifieds. Will police interject in crimes related to KSL Classifieds? An actual crime related to KSL Classifieds makes investigation and prosecution likely. Often, the biggest issue with Internet-related investigations is jurisdiction. If KSL is involved, there is a greater chance the perpetrator and victim reside in Utah or close by, making prosecution possible. That goes for both sellers and buyers trying to victimize each other.

If there are multiple bad checks, or the account has been closed for six months, then, obviously, it becomes much easier to prove intent and prosecute the fraud. Nonetheless, Internet bullying deemed criminal is always investigated and prosecuted by the locals when possible.

Generally, most Internet-related crimes come under the jurisdiction of the federal government. However, legit victims are welcome to submit their case to the website ic3. Also, should you have questions, the FBI duty agent is just a phone call away and always available and willing to assist you. Airspace: The Fall of Gravity is a beautifully unique platformer about an octopus and his other aquatic friends who get abducted by a mechanical alien race.

You play as a space octopus an octopus with an H20 helmet who must jump, dodge and run through insane landscapes to rescue its friends and other critters. The game features 18 zones with various landscapes—from oceans to mechanical worlds—and over 60 levels. This game is beautifully done and strangely adorable. Airscape also includes its own orchestral soundtrack, which is just as stunning as the game. The sound effects are epic.

christie Manual

The attention to detail is really quite spectacular—I enjoyed every aspect of this game. If you like platformers and Super Mario games, I highly recommend this one. Reviewed on: PC exclusive Street: In fact, it just might be brilliant.

Your opponent is Gary, an insecure Game Master who nurses a hopeless crush on the pizza delivery girl. Rather than building an entire deck of spells and attacks, each character earns new weapons and armor that automatically The game also offers competitive and cooperative multiplayer— perfect for showing off all of your sweet loot on the field of battle. Guild of Dungeoneering wants to be so many awesome things at once. In Guild of Dungeoneering, you manage the growth and development of a guild of adventurers who run quests, slay monsters and grab gold to benefit the guild.

While this is some seriously well-trod territory, the twist is that the player creates the dungeons, while an adventurer bumbles through it and fights the monsters that the player has placed in their way. Each class of adventurer comes with their own base deck of combat actions, but grabbing equipment adds new cards to the deck, giving you a small degree of customization over your character.

I just wish it were possible to look at or customize these decks when selecting a class. Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! Your potato peeps gain levels, not just in weapon-making, but also in things like selling and exploring, getting you better bonuses in those areas. Having a high-level merchant means extra money on sales, and high-level explorers bring back more.

You have a boost and enchantments at your disposal to help make that weapon just right. You can send ouscouts to find enchantments and relics, which you can then research back at the shop to make cooler new weapons and even discover new weapon types. Nothing about making soup should be fun.

The whole idea of it seems plodding and painful. But here we are, in , when game makers have seemingly run out of good ideas, and alas, I have spent hours scouring virtual space to make the best damn soups I can. Nom Nom Galaxy is a creative, enjoyable amalgamation of genres about creating a soup empire, all nicely wrapped up in an 8-bit package. One of the things that I enjoyed most about this game was building a soup factory, which is a stupid fucking thing to write in a video game review.

Putting it together strategically so that I could have easy access to resources as well as an efficient workflow was so fulfilling that I almost hate myself. As you start to steamroll your competition, they send someone to attack, so you have to build defenses. It felt sort of tacked-on for me. Bound to Vengeance a. In a typical female-hostage-thriller scenario, the heroine eventually frees herself from her predicament and slaughters her captor.

Roll credits. While freedom is just around the corner, the freed captive decides to reverse the roles and forces Phil to disclose the location of other known victims. While the film visually showcases the unsympathetic demise of the disgusting male antagonists, the underwhelming conclusion of the chief villain leaves one craving a tad more vigilante justice. What a joyless turd. His directorial debut was great, and he was taking awesome chances Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm that literally made me eager to see the finished product.

Then, I did. Sure, I can inform you of the idiotic teleportation angle of the film that leads our actors minus Kate Mara to another dimension … or planet … they never really finalized that element, but I would just be wasting your time. The acting is lazy, the writing is incompetent and the special effects are dated. There is not one thing Trank did correct for this franchise.

So far this year, we have been rewarded with multiple fantastic espionage films, and Guy Ritchie continues that pattern with yet another spy franchise based on a s television program. While both hate each other with a passion, the two must unite and work together to stop an underground lawless association from developing an atomic bomb and wiping out our existence. Joining the boys is Gaby Alicia Vikander , who may or may not be all that she presents herself to be and adds yet another engaging. Ritchie perfectly captures a s tone with the cinematography, editing, score, set design and costumes.

This is easily the best spy film of the summer and certainly the greatest surprise of the season, too. There is nothing salvageable in this nonsensical endeavor that made me instinctively facepalm myself on multiple occasions due to its sheer stupidity. I hope all three learned their lesson and remember to say no next time Sandler comes knocking on their door for his next craptastic adventure.

Seriously, how can you make an audience hate Peter Dinklage?! A and became one of the greatest rap groups to date. Director F. Gary Gray assembled a primarily unknown cast to recreate this rags-toriches story that depicts deception, loyalty, racial tension and political movements in the early s.

On that note, Jackson Jr. With that said, go witness an extraordinary story and then drive home listening to some of the greatest music released … with no Vaseline. Well done, lads! Andrew Shaw makes the kind of lofi bedroom folk that flourished in the mids through artists like Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and Bright Eyes. In doing so, Shaw appears to be a humble musician with talent rather than an aspirational one. Self-Released Street: In Next Best Tapes, we find a rapper who is, above all, willing to take risks: lyrically, vocally and musically.

Lyrically, the album runs the usual rap-gambit of bravado and deprecation of other less talented artists, but while walking on the well-trodden path, Boone allows us a revealing peek into the ultrapersonal, which is similar to recent Mac Miller releases. Vocally, Boone is comparable to a more vocally astute ODB—sing-song rapping, trailing vocalizations, time-abandonment and the like. The accompaniment to each song—which ranges from the expected boom-bap to sweeping piano arrangements to most surprisingly noise-influenced psychedelic swarms—keeps even the weariest listener listening on.

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Gypsy Blood Records Street: Both Secrist and Quist share mic duties, giving the vocal landscape far more texture and nuance than usual even if they are both screamers. Am I the Son of Sam? Kilby Records Street: The sudden entrance of lowend synths is used for cinematic effect throughout Giant, keeping the album playing like a high-stakes tale of love and fantasy from start to finish.

I give it two thumbs up. Seemingly without pretension, local synth duo Tom Cella and David Burdick have done exactly that. They sound quite accom-. Escapegoat Records Street: After a few tics, the second song immediately launches. This band seems incapable of writing a boring song. Midnight Records Productions Street: With all the recent fuss over banjos, the bluesy swagger of a harmonica is music to darkly lit bars across the nation.

I actually danced a bit while listening, which is almost unique in the blues genre. The album seems to reflect a life on the road, and the tolls are addressed with the same whimsy any hard-working man could relate too. No Need To Rush It is the type of blues that can cure the blues; which, from what I understand, is what great blues is all about.

FeralCatRecords Street: Just when I thought that the singer-songwriter market had been completely tapped, a local band came along and proved me wrong. Recorded on a 4-track in a bedroom, Werewolves has an undeniable homegrown and heartfelt quality. Werewolves is a promising album that shows a substantial amount of potential. Like that forlorn ache I get sometimes when looking back on my teenage years, Kicking Every Day feels like youth, like a charming scar from what used to be a constantly reopening scratch.

This is the first full-length by All Dogs, following their selftitled EP, which was packed with killer tunes. Amy Bezunartea is not one of those artists. Harnessing powerful feelings of discomfort, nonconformity and honesty, she creates a musical atmosphere that is as uncomfortable as it is reassuring.

It forces the listener to come to terms with their own feelings of worthlessness in society, while also inspiring them to rebel against whatever makes them feel inadequate. It is these. Unspeakable Axe Records Street: Metropolis Records Street: The song had me wondering where they were going to go next with their sound. She uses few effects, which allows her true talent to show. The backing chime with the driving beat makes this one of the best songs I have heard this year. This release is a mixture of gothic and guitar—filled industrial music that is properly done.

Morbid lyrics slither like a death adder into eardrums with eyelids fluttering and mouth agape. Feverish lust exudes from this album. Nuclear Blast Street: Team Spotlight. December 7, In our Wilson Daniels Team Spotlight, we take a look at the team members that make this biz what it is. Rob is a seasoned pro in the wine-biz with over 20 years of experience. He's been with Wilson Daniels since August of November 28, An abundance of grapevine production proved a fortunate surprise for Italian sportswear designer Alfredo Buglioni when he purchased an old country farmhouse in Valpolicella Classico in November 20, October 30, The wine region of northern Hungary has been producing fine wines since the 16th century, and Royal Tokaji has served admirably as an iconic representation of this expert craft for nearly three decades.

October 12, Lifestyle [Food, Drinks and Travel]. September 24, Every year, Wilson Daniels and the SommFoundation honor one amazing individual who is tirelessly working towards becoming a Master September 7, Get to know Paige Carnwath, Northern California and Hawaii Area Manager, who worked at wineries in Europe before heading back to the states to work with the team. August 31, Get to know Lea Jankowski, Southeast Regional Manager, who has been with the company since January of this year and brings a passion for wine to the South.

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August 30, August 21, It may not be your instinct to grab a bottle of red wine on the way to your next summer barbecue, beach day, or dinner al fresco. The fact remains, however, that red wine is every bit as welcome at the table in summer as it is in the fall and winter. August 20, It's summertime and the living is So what should you be enjoying in the last few weeks sniff of summer?

We talked to 3 top sommeliers to find out. August 17,