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I cam by the way Tia came in and this was just what I needed to know. There was a great turmoil in me and I feel much more rested and at peace now. God has led me in great many ways through the last year and each step has been something I could never have imagined would be possible for me. But, as I am being led by his hand, and even though I have seen his faithfulness, sometimes, I find myself afraid of uncertainty.

These times, I let the world around me question if I am doing the right thing basing every thing on my faith and is it really producing results? My challenge has been to affirm each time that even though it might not look like God is in action in my life, He is working everything out much better than I can ever do.

I need the strength, the courage and above all the grace to stand in the Word and keep pressing on. Please pray for me and do keep up the good work. God bless. I encourage you to continue pressing forward in your walk with Christ; walking by faith and never by sight. Just as Peter, once you start looking at your circumstances and looking at the world for answers, you will fall.

I have been and still am on a faith walk. Of course I may be afraid due to uncertainity, but this is where trust and faith comes into place. You may not understand all that God is doing, and that is fine. I have had some problems lately with trust and faith and obedience. My girlfriend and I broke up about a month and a half ago. I feel like god told me that i was supposed to marry her.

I think that if i would have just trusted what god told me and not tried to control the situation by myself things would have been different. When I came to the bottom of your message…. I had a feeling that you would still be feeling a certain way towards your special loved one. You asked God to allow you to change your feelings for her if it was in His will that you two should not belong….. Do you feel that maybe God has sent you the message that the two of you do not belong together since she has stated that she to you that something has changed?

God will allow two people to stay together as long as BOTH people want to be together…and love each other….. IF not…. Could that be the case? You have to be honest with yourself….. Let go,…and let yourself be honest with yourself.. Trust in God…and truly listen to what He may have to say…it may not be something you like to hear….. Good luck….. Oh yeah.. It is true….. YOU need to be open to seeing what is on the other side of the door….. I believe that GOD has answered me in his word.

I was married for six years. My walk became renewed during the trials in the Marriage. He sort other women throughout the whole period and I only found out this year after I discovered he had a baby of nearly three years. I had been trying for a baby since we married but GOD choose not to open my womb and as I get older it is the source and great sadness and anger that GOD did not allow me to conceive but allowed the adulteress to.

I was broken by this but GOD was so amazing, as he made discover these truths when my walk with him was so strong that all I could do was to cry out, and cling to him. I have prayed for my husband but it would seem for each prayer came another more disgusting revelation of his behaviour which makes me not even care what happens now as I prepare to divorce him. I now believe that my soul tie to my husband made me want to believe that GOD was speaking to me when I suspect that it was me holding onto the impossible. My spiritual self could not find any basis for believing in the restoration aside for the story of Gomer.

GOD speaks a great deal about adultery so why was I hoping for a radical change? Sadly my desperate desire for a child in this marriage probably made me hope believing that at the age I am it would never happen. Still struggling with feelings of disappointment mainly in relation to not having a child and feeling a real sense of shame and not being a mother.

For all my achievements they now seem as nothing as all I now want is to be a mother. I was fried from my job and wasnt able to find anything but God close doors. Thanks for this message. Theres a reason God wanted me to read it. I am dealing with a tough time in my life wherein I have been praying for God to send my life partner. I have been a very obedient Christian woman and have stayed in purity.

I find myself in a very tough place, but I know the God I serve will answer my prayer soon. Please pray fro me. Please pray for me, for god to give me strenght to sustain me and bring me thru. God has been sooooooo good to me despite the pit I am in. This really spoke to my spirit. Thank u for letting God use you. It was helpful so thank you for sharing. There are times when I want to give up because it never seems to get better, but like you said in your article I have to remember that this is temporary.

I truly do need some help with this materialistic obsession that I have.

Why am I this way? I honestly have tried to redirect my thoughts and desires, but it seems as hard as I try to be at peace with myself, it is to no avail — I always find myself back to this point. I just have a flare for money and nice things — neither of which I have. I pray to the point of begging God for money.. I find myself wondering why does everyone esle win the lottery, but not I. Why does God not want me to have the things that I so desire, as it is He gave me these desires. I have prayed if it is not His will for me to have money, wealth, nice home, etc. I want to live and be happy, but I am not.

Well, frankly I am so sick of hearing that.. I guess I need to find out for myself.. God knows how I feel and after reading your article, it has helped me greatly in a sense. I know I am way off base with my perceptions of life and God and what I think He should do for me. Eight months ago, my ex and I were going to reconcile our marriage, and then the day that I got ready to tell him to come home, I got a call from a state agency claiming that my ex had sexually assaulted my daughter.

I want to override this, and tell him to come home, because I did not believe them, but they felt strongly that if I wanted to keep my daughter I needed to take the necessay steps to insure that nothing happened. I did! I called and told him. He was very angry, withdrew, and stop communicating. He, also denied it. Well, 8 months later, I was told that there were no findings, and that he had restored custody with his children. The problem is that, that whole 8 months, I did not have contact with him. I tried to call, but he just would not talk to me.

Then, after the eight months were up, I called him, and I told him, I am sorry about all that happened, but I had to do what was necessary to support our child through this. I told him, that I wanted him to come home,I still loved him, and us make our family as tight as possible. Only to find out that he got lonely, and needed a shoulder to cry on.

He found it in a much older woman who he is about to marry. Im angry, because I wanted my family to be restored. I could not control the circumstances that came up, they came up through a third party, and I could not control the contact they had with their father. I had to let the process happen. But, now I feel like Im the loser, because I did the right thing, and lost my best friend.

I dont understand, God is for marriage, but why was any chance of reconciliation ripped to shreds! We have two children, and one with special needs-we have a total of 3! Thank you for all that you said about God because he is the way the truth and the light,I believe that he will not give us no more then we can take,for he gives us Jesus to ask for forgiveness,and the Holy spirit to lead us out in into the light,and I have Faith that this is what God is doing for me right,so I will keep holding to this Faith that God has given to me I love the Lord for he heard my cry.

May the Lord Bless you and all that he gives to you. Take care. Came across this site unwittingly.

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The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways. Before I was on the internet I was having preoccupations about the daily struggle to keep in his ways. Wondering if I am really making spiritual progress or standing still. I think the biggest battle we face is ourselves and the desperate state that we are in. I have felt he has been consistently telling me to just trust him and not worry about tomorrow because it is in his safe and sure hands.

Also God Bless you for these wonderful words of encouragement. I am finding myself at this exact spot. I Minister to people all the time on how they need to let go and let God; and now I find myself on the other end. Please keep me lifted as i Seek the Lord for direction! I had to make a choice this week of staying in a job that pays well or to just trust the Lord and give it up, not knowing what tommorrow will bring.

I decided to trust the Lord on this. Sometimes fear wants to get hold of me but the amazing thing is that immediatly I experience such peace that I just know I am in good Hands. To be obedient take courage we have to really walk on the water like Peter. I realise one thing and that is that the only way is to put my hand in the hand of the One that stilled the water.

Thank you in Jesus name Amen. I am really encouraged. I have been feeling low and really depressed lately. The feeling that God is far from me. Thanks for you encouragement from the word of God that he knows me. Many are the times I wonder what the future has in store for me and.. At times I get the reassurance from His word but then i dont see it come to pass. So,to me Its a life of waiting for a long..

I guess i need to understand and really know who God really is. Hi there, last night I read this message and prayed this prayer because I needed a job. I felt Gods peace knowing that HE will take care of me. Today I got a call for a job.. Thank God for using you to write this blog. I know he is in control and he is the only one who can fix this!!! Thank you for the encouragement!!! I have good days and bad days and it is going on 9 months I just need a miracle!!!! I need someone who is sweet kind and caring and nurturing and is capable of being a great partner in everything. The attraction part is a very very big deal to me.

I feel so lost and I almost feel like it is the end. I think it might be my end. I loved this devotional, it has been a blessing to me, really! I thank God for you and your lovely blog.. I want to share my situation and please pray for me. Tomorrow I have my second visa interview for the U. The first time I went for my visa interview, it got rejected. My mind was all set on going to the U. Going to the U. Pray for me, I really want to go… thank you and God bless.. God even provided me I strongly believed at the time with the money to move back to New York and find a place to live until I found work and began generating an income.

I was sincere in wanting to obey Him. If then I was mistaken — what has tormented my mind is why God did not make it clear to me that He wanted me to remain in Nashville. I gladly would have. And if His will was that I indeed return to New York why has there been no provision. Where His finger points — His hand provides.

Is that not true? Should I not have expected that? His apparent silence and non intervention up this point has made me feel abandoned at times. I know that He has not. But it has seemed that way, and I so desperately need a word from Him. Our flesh must die daily so that we can respond to adversity or difficulty in our lives in a way that is not dictated by our our carnal nature and thinking. But in a way that pleases God — trusting HIM still. I want you to know that I am praying for you!

I pray this article has inspired you to keep moving forward in your walk with God. Whatever the situation is, I encourage you not to give up. Though you may not understand all that God is doing, know that God is faithful and will take care of that which He loves. Love you all! Well, all of your posts are great. I am going through just that. I have tried twice to get the money together to go with two different groups to Africa. Neither worked out yet. I was so discouraged yesterday or even this morning I told the Lord that I would never plan another mission trip again and that I would never trust that it would work out.

Well I watched the third karate kid and that really got me to thinking never say never. God so ordains our walk with him in order for his plans to get fulfilled. Thanks for your encouraging words. I am trying to make decisions on missions opportunities and it is hard knowing which way to turn.

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I have already tried and failed two times to go to Africa so I really am confused as to where God wants me to go and with who. Thanks Carol. I understand completely what you mean and how you may feel. One thing I am learning is to NOT fall into a pit of depression or to surrender that which God gives to you due to confusion and past failures. It the plan of satan, our adversary, to discourage us NOT to do the work of the Lord. I encourage you NOT to give up! May God strengthen you and grant you favor that succeeds your exception in Jesus name! I have prayed my heart out and am so tired and I want to give up so badly.

It concerns the heart of another person and I would like for you to just help me pray. His name is Ronnie and my heart aches to see God deal in his life!!! Thank you so much for your encouragment!!! I have boldly defended the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit, only to be told I am judgmental, critical, and think I am the only one who knows how to do ministry. I know without a doubt that God is calling me to flee from this situation, fully trusting Him for provision and finances. I have no peace, but know that my peace will be restored when I obey God and turn in my resignation.

Thank you so much, I am really encouraged. I just received a phone call, letting me know that I dint get the position that I applied for. Hello Constance, i know its been awhile since you wrote, but i was touched by your short story of trusting and having faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. I recently read an article by a doctor who was in a coma for a week and swears Heaven is real and he was there and thre message he received was more beautiful than we can imagine. The three main messages were:. If i have learned anything, it is that we will be with God throughout eternity, much, much, much longer than we will be on this earth.

Life is so short and i live every day to do His will. I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me. I wish you the best and love you as a fellow child of God. God Bless You!! May the Lord keep using You for His Kingdom. Three years ago my beloved husband of 29 married years passed away. We ha been together since the 8th grade. We did everything together.

We were even business partners. Needless to say, my heart is shattered. During the time of my husbands illness, we saw God work in so many ways. Always giving praise and glory to God for what we knew he was doing. During the same time of caring for my husband, my family and I were caring for my aunt that had Dementia.

I moved her into our home and had to carry her to work with us. God blessed me with his strength and peace to experience the peace of God. I felt so privileged to be able to care for my loved ones without placing them in hospice care. Three different times, God spoke to me. Each time it was at A. He God called me by name 1 He said Discernment, Discernment. I went to the Bible and opened it to Proverbs. There were so many Proverbs, I asked God to make it clearer to me. About 2 weeks later, God spoke the words Proverbs 3 so clear to me.

Since that time I have heard Proverbs 3 so many times. I was at church one evening when I was approached by a woman had I noticed only once before and never saw again after she spoke to me. I noticed the woman because as she stood with the rest of the congregation, she had her hands behind her back and she was pulling on a white scalloped cloth. As some of the congregation left their seats to greet everyone, this woman who wore the same outfit both times I saw her came all the way around the section we were sitting in and approached me.

As I extended my hand to greet her, she pulled me into her embrace and whispered in my ear theses words. Why are you so worried? She then walked away and I have never seen this woman again and know one that I asked about this lady, knows of her. God spoke to me in the darkest time of my life. I came to the US seven years ago alone and had the courage to come despite many health problems in my past because I trusted God. He was faithful throughout the seven years of struggle here. Recently, I resigned from a stressful job to start a new one which seemed to be a blessing from God.

I worked hard at the new job but I was treated unfairly and fired. It came as a real shock to be fired like that but I felt that God wanted me to leave that job and because I did not have the courage to leave, I was terminated. I did not really understand the situation and now that I have lost the job I will have to leave the US and return to my home country. Now my whole world has turned upside down again, Ive lost my job, my boyfriend will not stand by me and I have to leave the US and start again.

The future prospects seem dismal and I do not feel like I have the strength to keep fighting and starting over. I know I need to trust God and this article was very encouraging. Guilt keeps consuming me because I dont feel like I have the strength or will to fight anymore. Reading this really helped me and gave me more hope. For the first 2 weeks after the break up I tried to get her back as fast as I could, but nothing seemed to change her mind. I know now that this happen for a reason and God has to teach me something out of this situation.

He is doing a great job by giving me comfort every day and reminding me that His timing is perfect, so if He wants my girlfriend and I to get back together He will make it happen when He wants it to and He will do it in a way that brings glory to Him and makes us come closer to Him. This is so encouraging for me. My son was recently diagnosed with a disorder that is effecting his brain and there is no treatment.

I am trusting and praying that God will stop the progression of this disease so there is no further brain damage. I have gone through a lot in these past 2 years and right now l felt like giving up. When l read your article it uplifted me. I was thinking of ending my life but my Spirit strongly resists and led me 2 this article. I have decided to seek Christian counsel and talk to someone who can help me get through the emotional rollercoaster l am in.

Thank you. Thank you for this scripture. I believe in God! I wondered why God allowed bad things to happen to Good people. I realize that he has a purpose different than the plan we choose for ourselves. Not many people in the world have the opportunity to create change and equality on a national level. So no matter what happens I believe that my suffering and injustices will end one day. When that day comes I will be able to share how God provided my every need.

Hello, I want to trust God a lot but the enemy is attacking my mind and thoughts. I have relationship problems with the father of my children and I pray that his heart will change, so we will have better relations with each other. I am also unemployed but passed a state exam and currently obtain my insurance license; however, I have been fearful as a new insurance agent to sell insurance to complete strangers.

Therefore, I have not sold any policies or made any money in this field, due to fear.

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My unemployment is about to run out completely in a month. I also have always been independant with an entreprenual spirit. I prayed but also worried then was bold and said I did not have the resources to continue and I needed to be paid for this job. Now my boss, who is in a distant state, has been successfully avoiding me for two weeks! I have sent respectful but firm emails. My husband who himself does not have and will not get a job is constantly disappointed in my lack of boldness. It also seems that all freelance work has completely dried up.

I do believe God CAN move these mountains. As I was reading your comment, I am reminded of something I read earlier today, Matthew which talks about The Faith of a Centurion. I encourage you to read it. I encourage you to not let this situation move you from your stance in trusting God to provide.

Although the situation looks discouraging, this is where we should cling onto God and hold on to our faith like never before. I pray that God opens unexpected doors for you. That there will be no lack in your household. That every need shall be supplied according to His riches in glory! I also pray that during this testing period that God will give you the grace strength to get through it with exceeding joy knowing that this too will be worked out for your good and to His glory.

Amen to this. God said when we are distressed,he is close to us. Also remember that during a test, the teacher is silent. God is right with you. Hold on just a little bit longer, he knows this will make you stronger. God is with you and let no one tell you otherwise. Please, hold on. The world has nothing for us and its pleasures only destreoy the soul.

God is true.. Wish I could give you a hug. I feel love for you through Jesus. Me who is writing this depended on my stregth for 3and a half years in college. My results are on a 3rd class and this is the last year for me. Its not easy for me because I am weak and just too much emotions to ecplain. But guess what? My hope is in Jesus because I believe in him. Hold on Sis…God will never leave nor forsake us. Believe ok? I know sometimes its hard to but just keep believeing and stay obedient and pray always because that is our only means of talking to God.

Not praying is putting a strain on our relationship with Christ. I love u once again. For the first time in so many years I find someone who clearly understand what or how I am; I thank God for guiding me to this site today. For seven years now I have been going on with my life not understanding what I have to do and how. God told me what to do but for no apparent reason I kept twisting it until I was no longer sure that it was my imagination or the real thing.

This is an incredible post on trusting in the Lord and I found this quite encouraging. I pray that the Lord will use me mightily to fulfill his purpose in my life. This website has boosted my spirits. My situation is very similar to what Caleb has mentioned above. I was in a relationship with a person who did not know God, for almost 2 years. He is a Hindu. Though I was a firm believer, I never went out of the way to show what God really is to him. I spent all time with him and less time with God. This happened for one whole year. Though I said my prayers, went for Mass, I used all my free time talking to him rather than with God.

All of a sudden, he left me. I never ever thought it would be possible because he loved me so much. I was a bit irritating but he told he will put up with me. But though I did not give much importance to God when I was in this relationship, the moment my world shattered, God held me tight. That is LOVE! Before I could ask him, he directed me wonderfully to move forward with faith and that the relationship will be restored.

The Bible readings he led me to and the words he spoke to me kept me amazed. This website is yet another guidance by my Holy Spirit. I was in a relationship with a person for 2 years.

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  • He is a Hindu and did not believe in God much. Though I was a firm believer and used to say prayers everyday and went to Mass, though I have seen innumerable miracles by God in my life, somehow I never went out of my way to show him how great my God really is. I spent most of the time with him, not giving much time or importance to God. He was more important to me. I did not realise that it was a bad thing I was doing. One fine day, he left me. I used to be irritating but he loved me so much despite evrything. I never thought he would leave me but all of a sudden it happened.

    My world was shattered. But before I could ask, God came and hugged me, held me tight. That is LOVE. He asked me to have faith and move forward and gave me the confidence that my relationship will be restored. The way he guided me for the past 1 year has been amazing. He told me marriage will not work between me and I should be his closest friend.

    God is directing me.

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    • I somehow feel tha this happened for the glory of God to be known. I was given Bible Readings as per my situation. The promises of God are unbelievably amazing. This message is right on time. Things are out of control in my life. I was unable to sleep last night until a friend sent this post to me at like 5am. Thank you for letting God use you. Where do I begin? I found this site after utter desperation …. How did I get to this spot? Well the story is too long and complicated to relay every detail but the highlights are as follows.

      I lost my job and fought to clear my name and for the truth to come out. God prevailed in His justice in my life, but the results have left me feeling utterly abandoned by God. It is true that scientists take certain things on faith. And yet, scientific practices—observation and experiment; the development of falsifiable hypotheses; the relentless questioning of established views—have proven uniquely powerful in revealing the surprising, underlying structure of the world we live in, including subatomic particles, the role of germs in the spread of disease, and the neural basis of mental life.

      So why do so many people believe otherwise? It turns out that while science and religion are as different as can be, folk science and folk religion share deep properties. Most of us carry in our heads a hodgepodge of scientific views and religious views, and they often feel the same—because they are learned, understood, and mentally encoded in similar ways. In the first article that I ever published for The Atlantic , I argued that many religious beliefs arise from universal modes of thought that have evolved for reasoning about the social world.

      We are sensitive to signs of agency, which explains the animism that grounds the original religions of the world. We are naturally prone to infer intelligent design when we see complex structure, which makes creationism more appealing that natural selection. We are intuitive dualists, and so the idea of an immaterial soul just makes sense —or at least more sense than the notion that our minds are the products of our physical brains.

      There are many religious views that are not the product of common-sense ways of seeing the world. Consider the story of Adam and Eve, or the virgin birth of Christ, or Muhammad ascending to heaven on a winged horse. These are not the product of innate biases. They are learned, and, more surprisingly, they are learned in a special way.

      To come to accept such religious narratives is not like learning that grass is green or that stoves can be hot; it is not like picking up stereotypes or customs or social rules. Instead, these narratives are acquired through the testimony of others, from parents or peers or religious authorities.

      Accepting them requires a leap of faith, but not a theological leap of faith. God, the Jews said, interjected himself into their lives and insisted on being listened to, like a jilted lover. God came looking for man, not the other way around. In the same way Christianity's uniqueness is not taken from great philosophical debate and argument. Christians simply said that God, who created the whole darn shabang we see at night in the sky, chose to enter our history through the birth canal, the only way in, and exit through the grave, the only way out.

      While here he showed us what God is really like. The Creator took the form of a lowly Jew in Roman times. As Lewis pointed out, he was who he said he was or he was a raving maniac. There is no middle ground. You must decide. You must believe or not believe. It is an act of the will, not based on reason. Reason will carry you so far, but we all must stop at the cliff, and yes, leap into Jesus Christ's arms, for safety.

      Is it a leap of faith out into darkness with no supporting evidence. That is exactly what it is and why God has made it so, no one will ever know until they go to him and he tells them after they have exited through the grave. The debate will never be solved to anyone's satisfaction. To the true believer, God, or Jesus Christ, as the Christians would say, is reality. The physical universe is only a stage of arranged and ordered particals or building blocks that makes the stage on which human history is acted out.

      That is why drama grips us so deep down in our minds, because we see something on the silver screen that we have oursleves experienced. Reality is not out there or in here, it is us, we; we ourselves are true reality and the world was made for us to inhabit, to grow and to mature in, until the time for our processing into the next universe comes. And Christ, our only reality and anchor, showed us how it is done.

      When the Jews and Romans attacked his positions and statements, he did not answer them. I wonder why? Friday, January 5, -- PM. Tuesday, January 23, -- PM. Tuesday, March 20, -- PM. In the absence of a scientific explanation for the beginning of the universe, whether by 'Big Bang' or not, there is no other option but to believe in a Creator who is outside of the need to have been created Himself - i.

      God - an eternal being without beginning or end - is the only reasonable conclusion, however difficult it might be for some people to accept, for whatever personal reason they might have for not wanting to accept it. But even Stephen Hawking an atheist admits that science cannot explain the beginning of the universe and he himself says: "for that, you would have to appeal to God. I believe that this is one of the reasons why God says in the Bible: "Only the fool has said in his heart, there is no God. Which God is the true God is another matter, which I don't have the space to go into here.

      Wednesday, May 9, -- PM. I am amazingly smart. Just ask me. I have wrestled with this question for over a decade, and have often remarked, "I would be an atheist if it weren't for this whole belief in a god thing I can't shake. I would non-believe if I could non-believe. There is no earthly way to controvert this and so submission to the 'belief' assures your continued acceptance in society and eternity. The fact is, all religions, monotheistic or not ask you to do one thing: accept the overtly unprovable.

      The only variable is the degree to which you are required to 'act like you accept' it. It is impossible to gauge what one believes save for watching their actions, and religion has built in 'actions' that 'prove' you believe, but not that 'prove' your belief is justified. And so it goes. I think this is the main hesitation smart people have with religion: the way in which you are required to subjugate your rationalizations about the world in order to accept the religion.

      Some people are able to strike an internal balance between the un-explained good and the unbelievable bad. It seems to me that BOTH ways of doing it are acts of Thursday, May 17, -- PM. For it is written: "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate. Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?

      For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe. Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles, but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength. Brothers, think of what you were when you were called.

      If BLANK, then GOD: My Method for Feeling Confused and Troubled - ChristianTalk

      Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things? Sunday, May 27, -- PM. I am 12 years old and I don't belive in god. Now I know I am only a child and I have no word but I am very smart for my age. The subject of god has been brought up my man for thousands of years.

      No one can give the right answer. This is why I think why believing in god is good, bad and why people belive in god. Beliving in god is good because it gives a good balance in your life. Imagine if no one belived in god. People would be killing, slaughtering and. Im Gian, im 16 years old and i do believe in God. No true believer should see science as something tha limits faith, knowing the meaning of faith i know that Science and God are the same. Science is just the study of God's creation ,ne? Tuesday, June 19, -- PM.

      I suppose that there is nothing new to talk about, these days. Just how much sense does it make to attempt to apprehend the infinite? It is, by definition, a futile exercise. The current argument against "God" seems to be, "since I'm not smart enough to comprehend the Divine, or you're not smart enough to explain it to me, then it must not exist" How reflective of our time, when everything is seen through the lens of the "self". That Dawkins, et al use only the common Judeo-Christian concept of God as the basis of their argument, simply shows their limited knowledge or ability to conceive the Divine.

      I recognize the Divine in all things, and just because humans aren't happy with events, simply means that that humans are not the center of creation. Maybe this energy would be better spent educating people that they are not the focus of creation. Once this is achieved if it can be, then maybe we can move forward. Friday, June 22, -- PM. They can't! If one was to look at the complete reality, the complete truth, then one would have to then step back over and look off to the side to be able to look at a belief, since a belief is an attachment to less than complete truths, hence it is a belief.

      Now if the complete truth was reveled by someone such as Jesus Christ at some time, mankind would immediately reject such a presentation, since the complete truth lies outside of the limitations and confinement of a belief system. The consequences of this is that the complete truth would then be classified by the believers, as a lie. The Jesus Christ would then basically have been crucified, once again! Now, the smart people on the other hand, realize that the practice of belief, inhibits the mind from being able to face truth directly.

      The smart people do not believe in God, but instead can make direct contact with God by being in direct touch with truth. And so as long as belief is still practiced, complete truths can not be seen, and hence complete truths are not believed! You don't believe this do you? To Smart Guy, The subject of the discussion was the existence of "God", not the validity of "belief". Sure, there is a difference between believing and knowing, but the current crop of "smart people" are not allowing for this, either. Religion is totally seperate from the existence of Divinity. Until "smart people" are educated to the point that they can seperate themselves from this limited perspective, there is no hope for any growth or realization.

      Yep, I have had my experience as well. Mind expanded to point of absolute. Met the opposition. Came back to defend mankind. Wrote a web site. Did some Bible code decoding to remind myself of my other self on the other side. Then ran into a bit of a problem when I discovered that complete truths were aways rejected by mankind. When truth is presented to man, it is assumed to have been spoken by a mad man.

      Click on Smart Guy for a peek at the Bible Codes such that you too can shoot the truth in the head! Tuesday, June 26, -- PM. Saturday, August 11, -- PM. Friday, August 17, -- PM. The Sadness but Truth of it all, If any of those things interfere with ones belief, then they are not a believer in love, but a follower of what destroys it. Friday, September 14, -- PM. You don't have to believe in hell; you will still go there. Many people do not believe in gravity but it still holds them on earth. The truth is all knowledge begins with the fear of God; without it all men are fools and lost.

      It does not matter how smart you think you are or how much money you make if you will spend eternity burning and being tortured for your disbelief. How dumb that is. It is funny that the more education people get the dumber they are. When I was getting my Masters Degree I felt many of the professors were complete idiots.

      Theist vs. deist

      I could not believe what a bunch of odd balls are teaching our universities; and they push their atheistic view on the students. Misery does love company. Wake up before it is too late. Thursday, December 27, -- PM. I graduated from Harvard with a 4. I believe in God. Are you saying that I'm "not smart"? Monday, January 28, -- PM. Saturday, September 27, -- PM.

      Monday, September 29, -- PM. We live in a dangerous world, in an unsure world where death is just around the cornor. Try to remember your own anxiety as an infant or notice the fearful stages of growth in your children, especially when they realize how dependent they are on the adults. Humanity was also in this state of anxiety in our early history. Tigers were big and all we had were spears.

      Part of us feels this all time. We feel vulnerable in our animal natures and limited. We strive for growth, mastery and propagation just like every living thing that has ever existed. We crave and greed for anything that represents more abundant and secure biological life - even when it is actually taken care of in our advanced civilization.

      In the following essay remember we are animals. Thinking animals but animals nevertheless. We need each other and the group to compete against other animals and nature. But we also compete with our fellow humans for mastery and status. Knowing our place allows us take on specific jobs in the group and to feel purpose and meaning. We test and gauge our status wihin the group. We constantly compare ourselves and judge others by cultural standards of mastery.

      What’s The Difference Between Atheism And Agnosticism? - Everything After Z by

      Early in history and our physical skills were the important measure but that soon turned to social skills. The function of out direct perceptual senses is guage our level of security, protection and worth within the group. Getting our fellow humans approval and esteem enhances this protection because somebody is literally watching your back. In a sufficiently advanced civlization, when the food supply, healthcare, shelter and education are taken care of the impulse to grow - to have more abundant life - does not go away.

      That is because the emotional part of us knows we are still limited and vulnerable without our cultural and group protections. So we unconsciously compare worth, significance and power in our society - to find our place in it and to gather as many protectve affliations around us as possible. Our situation was so perilous in the wild we tended to make false correlations in nature, thus creating "magic" to allow us to feel more in control. Eventually, our egos created complex systems of symbols representing physical skills.

      We created institualized ritual to control the environment and its ceremonies to control each other. Magic turned into religion. Religion turned into divine states. Divine states turned into secular society and political philosophies. Thus, magical ritual, religion and its decendent instutions allowed for defined heirarchy, castes, classes and organizational efficiencies.

      So we seek ways of removing our guilt and feelings of vulnerability by latching on to anything or anybody who can make us feel secure, safe and confident that all will be well, and in their care that we will prosper, grow, be significant and live a much fuller life. This is the "heroic impulse". It is pervasive within all cultures except the most simple and egalitarian. We value and acknowledge those symbols not reality that which will make us feel safe or make us feel like winners. Of course, this had loads of survival value in the forest because some did have real heroic skills - as hunter gatherers - but the impulse to affliate with the "heroic" has been distorted to an absurd point.

      Acquisition of possesions, titles, status, large families, and attachment to symbols far and long divorced from actual survival needs is what drives our culture and politics. The impuluse for more, more, more drives our economic systems. Unbridled and un-reflective thinking in service of the fear of death is what makes the human animal insane in comparison to other species. The fundamental confusion is taking mere words or concepts to be reality.

      The symbolic processors of the left brain take fear arising from the amygdala and rationalizes an insulating symbolic defense - many of which are words or concepts. The left hemisphere also tends to mask perceptual realities of the right hemisphere since this holistic part does not harbor linguistic processors.

      The right hemisphere cannot argue for itself even though it harbors many intelligences! This effectively removes feelings of vulnerability and fear from our thinking selves but it also veils broader realities and perceptions that could have survival value. This is a necessary condition for mental health and negotiation in a highly symbolic environments which most people live in. Cultures are systems of symbols that reinforce a consensual strategy against this fear of death.

      Or, at least, a "social symbolic death" with insignificance or loss of approval among our fellows. Cultural values change as the demands of survival from the environment change. We create complex symbolic absolutist views and cultural sanctioned rituals, rules and behaviors that institutionalize the strategy against death because total faith brings the most confidence. That is why suicide bombers say they love death as much as we love life - they are assured at place in paradise. These emotional displacements provide order and sense of meaning to our world and provide confidence.

      The value of the concept of immortality, gods and single great hero, God, has provided the greatest sense of relief for many cultures. Thus, individuals will constantly compare who's up and who's down, one street gang will fight another over graffiti, how clothing is worn, territoral encroachment; soceer games will erupt in violence over a game, republicans and democrats will demean and "symbolically" fight each to other's social death the inability to influence others.

      Our egos constantly strive to strengthen its stature compared to others. Our egos are willing to defend, belittle or even fight to the death any symbol or person who threatens our unconscious immortality symbols because our ego's imaginary life is at stake. The impulse to prove oneself right and the other wrong is simply the defense of the ego against imaginary death.

      Cultures, religions and all absolutist philosophies exist to provide approval-seeking humans ways of organizing, encouraging, coping, prospering, staving off fear of death and moving civilzation forward toward some imagined good life - even at the expense of present happiness. We are social beings that create our own environments whose need for a sense-of-belonging and self esteem is universal so convienently adopt the prevailing notions that imply worth.

      The need for human-connection and approval is primary and real, cultural values are secondary and imaginery. This is a very important point! We all, quite naturally, give our loyalty and our lives to those who best can communicate to our emotions the symbols that promise security and strength but most importantly - a sense of belonging.

      The sucess of leadership is proportional to the level of alignment of culturally adopted values to the real demands of the environment. Blind following often leads to disaster. Following, a worldview, hero or personal expression is only useful to the extent that it actually haromonizes with the reality of others, other cultures and the physical environment. Judgment and negativity is the primary diagnostic of absolutism - whether it is ubridled praise or criticism. Acceptance tolerance , enjoyment and enthusism is the primary diagnostic for awareness of the extreme comparative activity of the ego.

      Human beings absolutely need to develop some "healthy" anxiety displacements - at certain developmental stages - to develop self esteem and confidence in growing up. Children need to be assured that a "Guardian Angel is protecting them from the "boogey man" in closet. Religion and absolutist belief has its place and function. However, when the displacements become rigidly absolute as the world gets more complex and subtle these psychodynamic strategies become mal-adaptive. The fact that people will become very aggressive in defending absolutist belief is - in itself - a major self-inflicted insanity in humans.

      There seems to be a healthy arc of development that involves a increasingly generalized worldview. Then, successful introduction to symbolic social strategie s that provides their own power to influence people and social environment. Choosing heros, beliefs, activities and groups that allow some sense of security, direction, personal expression and sense of worth and significance.

      That is, following arbitrary cultural rules or societal expectations - or "world of symbols" representing security and approval 4 Final realization that cultural symbols and expectations go beyond survival needs and begin to become vain, wasteful or even maladaptive to the real environment. We begin to search for security, meaning and a sense of approval, belonginess, direction from many alternative strategies. We accept no world view is absolute. Finally separating imaginery status symbols from the actual biological requirements of healthy and happy social life.

      Thursday, December 4, -- PM. God is Fire, Water, Air. God is the Life, Existance of Life , and Death. These have immense power which does not have a shape. We can see it, We can fell it but we fail to reliase it, We tend to look for answers womewhere else. Friday, June 5, -- PM. I am a tortured agnostic erring on the side of atheism. I want to believe but I can't. I got here by googling 'how can people believe in God' and found this.

      The article helped, but the comments didn't. Too many of the comments hold the existence of God to be self-evident without managing to provide any substantial reason why. They believe it, and therefore it is true. This scares me because it makes me realise why religions have always historically fought each other - they are unable to give substantial reasons why the other is wrong. The universe seems meaningless. There is no Great Protector. There is only us, and our meaningless existences, and there is faith, and belief, which people die defending.

      There is war, and horror, and uncertainty. It is the uncertain man who is intelligent and the certain man who is stupid. The difference is that the certain man has no fear. Irrationality is required for civilization to progress. But irrationality is what makes humanity blow itself to pieces. I want to believe, but if God created the universe and has the power to stop evil but chooses not to, surely he is evil?

      What sort of God would sit back and watch something like the Holocaust? What sort of God would create harlequin babies? What sort of God would create a Hell to punish the sinners for ever and ever? An insane one, that's what. Friday, October 16, -- PM. What mastermind could put together 66 books by more than 40 authors and have it written over a period of years?

      Incredibly, all of these authors point to the same two ultimate destinations: first, an everlasting paradise offered as a free gift to those who believe; and second, a place of eternal torment for those who reject the gift. What could this many authors possibly gain by coming up with such an extraordinary story on their own and then presenting it as truth?

      It certainly didn't make their lives any easier. Why would some of these same authors allow themselves to be tortured to death rather than recant their message? These clues provide healing from spiritual insanity for anyone who is open-minded. Are you open-minded or close-minded about Christ? Who would ever make up a story that a God of love sent His only Son to suffer torture at the hands of men? How loving is that unless God really did love the world so much that He sent His Son to die for our sins just as the Bible states?

      Why out of thousands of religions in the world does only one religion offer forgiveness of sins as a free gift? Why does this one religion just so happen to be the only religion that has each of these 40 authors over years describing the same reality? How did they all get their writings to fit together so well and with so much consistency? Were each one of these authors insane, except for their remarkable ability to agree with one another about heaven and hell and the Messiah?

      If they were not insane, then why would all the authors over many centuries contribute to such a conspiracy of deceit about a mythical God and a far-fetched narrative of redemption? Do you have enough faith and enough evidence to truly believe that it has all just been a worldwide hoax?

      Are you sane enough to see how it takes more faith based on less evidence to reject Christ than it takes to accept Him as your Lord and Savior? How insane is it for you to live 80 years upon this earth for yourself just hoping that the Bible is wrong about Jesus and about heaven and hell? How crazy is it for you to risk spending one year in agony, yet alone forever and ever in unimaginable torment? Who would ever lie and make up such a place? If you don't believe in absolutes, then you are not really positive that Christianity is wrong, are you?

      Please read this next sentence slowly and carefully: Are you really willing to risk spending billions upon billions of years in hell rather than repent of your sin and accept a free gift from a loving God who has given us a written revelation of eternity? What if you really were insane on this issue? You wouldn't know that you were insane, would you? Are you willing to admit that it is possible that you are insane about Christianity and about your need for salvation?

      How can you be absolutely sure that Christianity is wrong and that you are right? Not the 40 authors over years, but you! What makes you the right one? There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.? Proverbs To quote a well-known motivational speaker from the ? Stop the Insanity? Do you realize why God has allowed you to read this article right now at this very moment in your life? If you are unwilling to be healed of your spiritual insanity, then you won?

      That rejection of God's good news for you would provide you with proof of the insanity of unbelief. Are you too insane to recognize your own insanity, or is there a glimmer of spiritual sanity in your soul today? Tuesday, November 17, -- PM. Being smart doesn't mean you're honest. It might even mean you're a clever and intelligent liar.

      While it's possible for smart people who have integrity problems to pretend a belief in god, even smartly--any modern educated human being who truthfully and without evasion asks probing questions about the existence of god will come up with a negative. But that's been the case for near a years now. Sunday, December 20, -- PM. God is nothing but a fragment created by the human mind so that they can live their lives believing they are safe. Tuesday, December 29, -- PM. The God in whom I believe has created an infinite universe which is growing at an infinite speed.

      The God in whom I believe has an unlimited control over us, he doesn't need us. The God in whom I believe has created an automated instant punishment system that he doesn't need an end day. The God in whom I believe lets the death being a transfer to another life, better or worse depending on our yields. The God in whom I believe is the center of the universe, he has created himself from nothing and created the universe instantly without suffering.

      This is the God in whom I believe! The God in Whom I believe doesn't need us to fight for him. The God in Whom I believe doesn't let us fight each other for him. The God in Whom I believe doesn't need us to believe in him. The God in Whom I believe knows us because he created us, he doesn't need to test us! The God in Whom I believe doesn't need to limit our liberty as we do not offense others. The God in Whom I believe has created an automated instant rewarding system and an automated instant punishment system that he doesn't need to do it himself at a verdict day.

      The God in Whom I believe is equitable, So if our actual circumstances are different it is because our anterior life yields were different. We deserve our actual life! The God in Whom I believe is clement. He can't put us in the hell forever for any reason. He just doesn't mind if we believe in him or not because he has all the control over us. Tuesday, January 5, -- PM. There should not even be an argument for this crap. There is no God, there is no Devil, no one or thing has a soul.

      Anyone who believes in any of these things is most certainly delusional. I cannot believe that this BS has gone on for so long, has shaped the world we live in, the laws we abide to, the wars we fight All religions are retarded. I respect people's right to pursue happiness, and if that is religion, then so be it. But in no shape or form do I have to respect their choice.

      You do not even have to be smart or articulate to argue the case of the non-existence of religion. It just is not so. I strongly recommend any person with a sliver of self respect to stop believing in religion, souls, magic, energies, ghosts, or anything of the kind because they do not exist and I will not listen to anyone's argument that they do, because anyone who wants to argue that these things are real is a moron with mental problems and I would rather enjoy sushi, wine, or sex.

      God can suck my phallic rod, well actually no, he can't, because he does not exist. I will sell you my soul for the price of for free, but you won't get anything, because it does not exist. Maybe I will see you in hell, but most certainly won't, because it will not exist. Ok, well I am done here. I'm going to go to the homeless guy on the corner and buy him a forty, because I know that it will make me feel good inside, and he will get drunk and forget his life sucks for a minute.

      Friday, March 12, -- PM. To that guy that claims to have a 4. You may be have a certain strong suit If you believe in god however, rational thinking is not one of your strong points. Monday, March 15, -- PM. I love Jesus. GOD is real, if u dont believe me then u can argue that out with him on judgement day, a non-believer has to admit at some point in his life he has felt a gnawing sensation in his heart but didnt know what it was, im right u know it! If u ask for the holy spirit u will get it, he will guide u, and no im not taking any medications, as a nurse i know that alters ur mind.

      I'll be praying for u. Jesus loves u. Jesus loves u!! Wake up from ur sleep all u nations! Saturday, April 3, -- PM. It is easiest to decide who is "correct" by simply picking out the arguments that are presented coherently. They mostly seem to suggest a lack of a singular God. The Bible has every answer because it is completely contradictory. There is an advert on TV here for a religious show, and the guy on the screen says "Come join me in God's unconditional love" then I say mmm Pillar of Salt? Why are the religions fighting one another? Don't all religions preach peace?

      What contradictory Bible verse would be a good rebuttal? Wednesday, April 7, -- PM. I do not 'believe' in either god or man, because since BCE man claimed himself to be god and demanded to be called Lord. Patriarchy and slavery blossomed into full feudalism. Friday, September 10, -- PM. Wow - it's amazing what you can find on the Internet. As I study for our small group session this week, on making a case for God's existence, I am wondering at the depth of emotion across the spectrum of belief presented here. I can't force you to believe in God and I can't convince you to believe in God.

      Only you can make that decision. Jesus died on the cross and defeated a mortal death so that each of us could have a personal relationship with Him. All I can do is share that with you and whether you choose to accept Him or not is your decision. Would the atheists be happy if God forced himself on us? If we were all little white-robed wearing proselytes with no free will?

      Who knows.