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Like a lot of people, I love food that combines sweet and salty flavours. Sweet and salty popcorn, salted caramel, anything of that nature. In my Salty Dog biscuits , for instance, the little sprinkling of salt on the top is a great foil to the citrus flavours of the biscuit.

For my latest bake or non-bake , I decided to combine some salty snacks with a classic marshmallow crispy rice treat. I was worried that the texture of the treat would become homogenously crispy but no- the puffed rice has a little chew to it, the pretzels are crisp and the peanuts are chunky. The saltiness is located within the pretzels and peanuts, so that you get bursts of saltiness instead of an overall salty flavour. I cut the treats into small chunks as I expected them to be sickly sweet, but they turned out milder than I expected.

If you like your treats sweeter then use sweetened puffed rice, or perhaps drizzle these with some melted chocolate.

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Texturally, these treats are unique and moreish. As you can see, this recipe filled up two small pans; halve the recipe if needed.

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I like to think of this bake as an exercise in simplicity. I saw a picture of a full-sized jam and coconut sponge on instagram recently and it took me back to my school days. Tender golden sponge, a thin layer of jam, and dessicated coconut on top. Rest assured, these recipes are pretty different. The papaya and coconut biscuits which I posted yesterday are firm and slightly crumbly, with tropical flavours.

These are closer to an American cookie, softer and cakier, with crunchy nuts and caramelised chocolate chunks. I actually used a bar which already had almonds and hazelnuts in it, which made the prep for these cookies very easy. I found this in my local supermarket, but you could always replace the chocolate and nuts with your own preferences. I tempered the sweetness of the chocolate and added a depth of flavour with a little coffee extract. This paired really well with the chocolate and the nuts.

You may be able to find this in the supermarket, online, or in baking shops. In this recipe I tried a few tricks from the blog Meaningful Eats. Online I saw countless stories from sufferers who were thoroughly miserable.

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People with no social life, people who felt completely helpless it is a sad truth that there are links between digestive issues and poor mental health. These stories terrified me, and I was determined to find control over my illness in whatever way I could. Later on I also had to cut out cocoa sob to treat my reflux disorder. Although the diet is a nuisance sometimes, I can honestly say that I feel normal again.

If anything, this diet has pushed me to become a better and more creative cook. Information on the gut-brain connection link between digestive and mental health. Skip to content. Home Contact. Long time, no bake! This would make a lovely traybake, cupcakes, or possibly a loaf cake. I used my silicone tin with 12 small rectangular holes. When the mixture is smooth and well-combined, place it into your tin and bake for about 15 minutes depending upon the shape and size of your tin, this is how long mine took. Easter Rocky Road 1 gluten-free hot cross bun g gluten-free shortbread 15g gluten-free puffed rice g white chocolate Decorations Cut the hot cross bun into small cubes and set aside.

Cut the shortbread into big chunks. Measure out the rice and set aside. Break all the chocolate. Place two thirds of it into a bowl set over a pot of water. Gnetly heat the pot to melt the chocolate, making sure to stir and watch it carefully. Stir to combine then press into a 20cm square pan lined with baking paper. Melt the final third of the chocolate. This will be poured over the top of the rocky road to make the surface smoother. Once the chocolate has been poured and spread on top, the surface of the rocky road should look even and ready for decorating.

Place your decorations on before the chocolate sets. Place the whole bananas on the tray and cook for about fifteen minutes or until the bananas are completely black. Remove them from the oven and leave to cool for a few minutes before handling. Chop the pecans and reserve a few for decoration.

Place all the cake ingredients in a bowl and mix until combined. Loaf cakes take a long time to cook and a long time to cool down, so be patient. While you leave your cake to cool make the frosting by combining the ingredients until smooth. The consistency of the frosting is spreadable, not pipeable. Place it into the fridge to chill while your cake cools completely. When the cake is cool, spread the chilled frosting on the top and decorate.

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You can use more chopped pecans, chocolate, or any sort of sprinkle. Chop the pretzels not too much. Melt the marshmallows with the butter over a medium heat until liquified. Add the marshmallow mixture to the other ingredients and stir well. Press into the pans and put into the fridge for a few hours.

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Once chilled, slice them into however many pieces you desire. Categories Dutch.

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