Manual Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid 2011-2012

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The U. Department of Education claims that skip logic eliminates the need for a simplified FAFSA, since it dynamically adjusts the set of questions based on answers provided earlier on the form. For example, an extra 16 questions must be answered by dependent students to qualify for the Simplified Needs Test SNT , which eliminates 6 asset questions.

A much more drastic reduction in the number of questions is necessary. Sensitivity Analysis. The first approach eliminates questions that have a minimal impact on the EFC or student financial aid eligibility. For example, one could calculate two EFCs, one using the average value of answers to the question and one using an extreme value.

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If replacing the average value with an extreme value for the data element does not yield a large difference in the EFC, the question can be eliminated by setting the data element at the average value. Eliminating these questions left only about a dozen questions. Adapting the IBR Formula. If the income-based repayment IBR formula is sufficient to determine ability to repay student loans after college, why not use a similar formula for determining ability to pay before and during college?

Just divide the IBR formula by the number of children in college, since cash flow does not increase when one has more children enrolled in college at the same time. Mark Kantrowitz introduced this proposal in July Phase-out Formula. This formula is similar in effect to the IBR-formula, but does not adjust for the number of children in college.

Baum also recommended publishing a table that mapped from income and family size to Federal Pell Grant eligibility, since such an approach would be more accessible to low-income students. Simplifying the FAFSA will increase the number of students applying for financial aid, thereby, enabling more low-income students to enroll in and graduate from college. It would also save applicants time and stress, making it easier for families to complete the form without assistance. There would be little or no need for verification of financial aid application data, allowing college financial aid administrators to spend more time helping students.

Early awareness of financial aid eligibility might encourage some students to perform better academically in high school. The process of applying for student financial aid could be streamlined, fitting the form on the back of a postcard or even integrating it into federal income tax forms. Thank you! Be sure to meet deadlines see note at bottom of page. Below is a brief description of each one of them, with fuller details to follow.

The improved Contribution EFC. Then the schools information on the repayment process. You of—aid you qualify for. The Guide 3 At-a-Glance Table 1. Table 1. Federal Student Aid: Type of aid, eligibility, award amount, interest rate, and other details,by program continued Eligibility Type of Aid andProgram i.

Department of OVERVIEWUnsubsidized be repaid graduate students subsidized amount received Education is the lenderStafford Loans enrolled at least half-time for the same period , The borrower is Financial need is not depending on year in school responsible for paying 6.

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  • Federal Student Aid: Type of aid, eligibility, award amount, interest rate, and other details, by program continued Eligibility Type of Aid and Program i. Department of PLUS Loans be repaid enrolled at least half-time determined by the school Education is the lender for parents and and minus any other financial Loan is unsubsidized graduate and aid received; there is no you are responsible for 7. PART I. What type of school is right for me? Here you can learn more about the types of schools available in the field you interested in, start comparing schools, and learnYes, maybe you could, but a college degree will make your chances how to assess them.

    You can even create a personal portfolio ateven better. Department of Education databasesdiploma. Higher education equates to more job options and higher with detailed college information and career options. What should I consider? D Not sure what a term means? D financial aid terms that might be new to you. The Guide 7 Earnings and unemployment rate personnel have misrepresented any aspect of the educational for people 25 years and over program or its costs, you should call the Inspector General Hotline at MIS-USED Bring a list of questions 8.

    Your education is a major investment, 7.

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    You might not be able to get aid from some of our programs at a school that has a high default rate. Th aid Pell Grants, Direct Loans, etc. Create a profile. Th be stored in your profile. Whether you continue to receive federal student aid depends, Search for colleges and scholarships. Any colleges you add to in part, on whether you make satisfactory academic progress.

    Apply for colleges. MyFSA will track where you stopped entering your information and will link you to all applications in progress.

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    • If you begin attending classes but leave before Store and access financial aid information. Any scholarship,completing your course work, you might be able to get some of loan, and cost of attendance information is saved in theyour money back. Financial Aid Wizard. You also can calculate an estimated family contribution EFC —the eligibility index.

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      Access your personal events on a daily,given back to the source by you or by your school. Even if you weekly, or monthly basis. Once you have completed the Self Assessmentyou received, minus any student loan funds your school has and Career Finder, any careers or majors that have met yourreturned to the U. Department of Education. Having such information helps families plan ahead for college. APPLYand other items related to your college and career search.

      Go towww. Be sure to ask about the types of articulation agreements that are used to estimate your federal student aid eligibility.

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      Discuss any concerns you have about transfer courses and it is not the official federal student aid application. Contact your state Higher Education Agency about any When you complete FAFSA4caster, the tool displays a worksheet to aid program or scholarship sponsored by your state. Next, a number of sources of college funding are listed. There are fields where you can You can work part-time to pay part of your costs. Finally, there is a field where you can time for studying. Instead, the EFC is used in an equation to determine financial need:.

      The financial need calculation helps the SFS Office establish eligibility for grants, loans, and work study. Box 84 Washington, D. Only those students selected for verification by the federal processor need to go through this process. Department of Education requires all colleges to complete this process for all students selected without exception.

      Log on to ACES at alamo. Students selected for verification are typically asked to submit the following documents, if applicable to their situation:. The SFS Office no longer mails out written notifications. Instead, students are contacted via email at the personal email address provided on the FAFSA, and at the one assigned by the Alamo Colleges, to check their financial aid status online. The email provides instructions on how to view and accept awards via the Web for Students at the above web address. Students can view each source of aid and amount that they have been awarded.

      In order for aid to be credited to their account, students must accept their award on-line. Awards are automatically accepted for students. This means that financial aid recipients who register for classes and then do not intend to stay enrolled must officially drop their classes to avoid future aid paying their bill.

      To avoid possible repayment of financial aid funds, students should drop courses at least ten 10 days prior to the first day of classes. Students can view an Financial Aid Tutorial to learn how to view their educational information online. Checks generated in the first 1 check run at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters are mailed to students at their permanent address without exception.

      This means that disbursement of loan funds is made on the same schedule as grants and scholarships. Electronic deposit is now available for students to receive financial aid funds. Given that not all checks can be released to students by the payment deadline, students must make arrangements on their own for payment of tuition and for the purchase of books and supplies. Federal Regulations require all students applying for financial assistance to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to receive aid.

      The progress standards that students are required to meet in order to maintain financial aid eligibility are:. Compliance with the Satisfactory Academic Progress SAP policy must be met in order for a student to retain their financial aid eligibility. Students are advised to check their status through the WEB for Students. Students are considered to be in Good Standing with Financial Aid if they meet all three 3 standards of progress outlined above.

      These students may participate in any financial aid programs provided they meet all other eligibility criteria, subject to availability of funds.

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      Students are suspended from financial aid if they do not meet one 1 or more of the Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria listed above. Students may appeal their suspension status or may appeal to receive a loan if they have been denied one due to their suspension status. The appeal should include a personal statement with appropriate documentation detailing the circumstances that resulted in their failure to meet the required standards.

      Those who have been suspended due to exceeding ninety-nine 99 attempted hours must submit a degree plan, signed by an advisor, clearly showing courses earned towards the program, courses still needed, and the anticipated graduation date. If the appeal is approved, eligibility is reinstated subject to program requirements. Progress is reviewed at the end of the semester to make sure that the student is meeting the standards and following the degree plan.

      Failure in either of these criteria will again result in financial aid suspension. If the appeal is denied, no financial aid of any kind may be awarded. Students can continue to enroll but at their own expense. A re-appeal is acceptable after students have completed at least one 1 semester preferably two 2 and believe they can make a case for getting back on track academically.

      Failure to do so will prevent any of the Alamo Colleges from awarding any remaining funds for which a student is still eligible from those student aid programs. Students who plan to enroll at the Alamo Colleges only during the Summer and then return to their home institution the following Fall semester, are considered transient students and are therefore not eligible for financial aid at the Alamo Colleges. Students may only receive aid at one school per period of enrollment. Some programs require that students be enrolled at their primary institution for six 6 or more hours.

      Eligibility for financial aid is based on the semester credit hours in which students are enrolled. The Federal Pell Grant program allows for payment of three 3 or more hours based on eligibility. Note that the enrollment status definitions for financial aid purposes differ from academic enrollment. Summer Sessions I and II are combined for financial aid purposes.