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Build Your Own Computer: Tools, Tips & Resources

Whitson Gordon. We'll show you how to do it and everything you need to know to keep your system properly maintained. Share This Story. Club News. Deadspin The Concourse. View on The Inventory. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. Even among hardware devices that technically will "work" with these alternative operating systems, some will work better than others.


Therefore, many users of non-Microsoft operating systems choose to build their own computers from components known to work particularly well with their preferred platforms. A less common but still relevant option for people who choose to go another route when building their own PC and choosing their operating system may choose to configure what is called a Hackintosh system. This means that the user of the computer builds the computer specifically with the Mac OS in mind. This can often be a very tedious process as Apple has strict standards of what hardware they choose works with their software or not.

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Following previously built systems that worked is very important for success in this area. This is not generally a recommended route, but this hasn't stopped curious enthusiasts from achieving success.

Most mainstream manufactured computers use common or inexpensive parts such as onboard graphics and audio. While integrated accessories offer dramatic economic savings and satisfy many users , these options generally do not perform as well as dedicated hardware under high demand situations such as current games, CAD and media production. Homebuilt computers are most common among gamers, engineers, or other people who demand more performance from a specific component than the average user.

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An example would be a gamer using a slightly behind-the-curve CPU and disk drive, spending the difference on a more capable dedicated graphics card. Additionally, those with more specific computer needs usually appreciate being able to upgrade certain components to fit their needs and the evolving needs of the software being used; in a typical manufactured PC the support components such as power supply unit, motherboard, or even the chassis are unfit for accepting high-performance add-in components.

Building a Gaming PC for the First Time? Don’t Panic, This Guide Can Help You Out

Constructing a system with future expansion in mind allows for such upgrades, which in turn are much cheaper than buying a brand new computer every time individual components become obsolete or insufficient to meet the needs of the user. Generally a high-end system is capable of meeting the demands of gaming and can be used as such.

A major difference between a high-end PC and a gaming PC is likely to only be the choice in video card since they will share a majority of other components. While a general-purpose high-end computer may be put to use in a render farm or as a file server , and be provisioned with components targeted at this use such as a fast GPU for rendering or high-performance storage for serving files , most gaming takes place in real time so with a gaming PC all the components matter in creating a flawless and seamless experience.

A less-intensive type of build satisfies or exceeds the needs of most computer users.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Rather, they're the essential bits and pieces you'll need both in your computer and the tools to put it all together.

It's easier than you might think

Learn how to build your PC through these tutorials that range from all-inclusive guides to specific task instructions. If you're going to build your own PC, why not take it a step further and build a media or gaming machine while you're at it? These guides and resources will help you get the job done. You're not alone in your homebrewed PC adventure.