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Something extraordinary happens when you get a group of high school students together and give them a challenge straight from the heart. If you allow them to love on someone in need and bring a smile to a face, they will rise to the occasion every time. So that is exactly what we did. Each year, HSM hosts a Christmas party for the children, as well as visiting the Genesis House on occasion just to play and spend time with the boys. We also try to take them on a field trip to the Zoo or Science Museum each year. We noticed the boys were taking turns riding bikes that were in terrible shape.

We wanted to make that highlight just a little bit brighter for them. We wanted them to play and laugh and have fun outside just like every little boy should. After talking to the Genesis House staff, we discovered that many of the boys had asked for bikes for Christmas! We rallied our students and challenged them to raise enough money to purchase every boy a new bike and helmet. Then we got to see our students rise above our challenge! We needed 16 bikes to fulfill the Christmas wish. Permission granted to print for personal use.

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10 Habits for a Generous Church (Giving, Part 2)

Sign up to get newsletters a month announcing new online Bible studies and more. Your confidentiality is assured. We will never sell or share your name or email address. Summary: The Bible study on generosity and generous giving of our finances and time. Overview of this series on money and finances This online Bible study is part of a series of studies on money and finances.

Part 1 : Acknowledge that God Owns Everything.

Proverbs Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Philippians Be especially generous if you are well off Although everyone is called to be generous, you should be especially so if you are wealthy. Mary Magdalene and other women helped support Jesus and the apostles Luke Joseph, a wealthy man, provided his own tomb for Jesus Matthew Nicodemus supplied expensive spices for the burial John Priscilla and Aquila invited Apollos to their home to tell him about Jesus Acts The Corinthians gave money to help impoverished Christians in Jerusalem 2 Corinthians 8 and 9.

Philemon opened his home for church meetings Philemon 2. Be generous — Give to the work of the Lord Give a tithe For thousands of years, people have given a tithe ten percent and more of what they earn back to God in gratitude for his love. We read in the Old Testament: A tithe of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the land, belongs to the Lord; it is holy to the Lord. Leviticus Tithing was considered so important that failing to tithe was described as robbing God. Malachi Since we are no longer under the law, some people think we are not required to tithe.

Support your church Give generously to your local church. Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse. Malachi Give special offerings In addition to giving a tithe to your church, give additional offerings for special needs. Be generous — Help people in need Throughout the Bible, we are instructed to reach out to those in need, particularly offering generous help to those who are poor.

How can I spread generosity at my church? - Joy Giving

Proverbs The Bible tells us to help other Christians. James This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. The following suggestions can help you donate money wisely. Give to your local church Give your tithe to your church.

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Support Christian workers you know My wife and I feel a sense of confidence and excitement when we support the ministries of people we know personally and people recommended by our children. Evaluate the need if you give to an individual If you have a friend who is a single mother struggling to make ends meet, a helping hand may go a long way.

Give to local Christian relief organizations Although my wife and I occasionally give money to people in financial trouble, we usually prefer to give to organizations, not individuals. Evaluate unknown organizations When a ministry you know little about asks for help, research it as best you can. Give with the right attitude Give from a thankful heart God is interested in your heart, not just your actions.

Matthew Give privately Give to please God, not to put on a show in front of other people. Matthew If you give money to an individual, it is often best to do so anonymously. Do you have a generous heart? Are you a generous person? Do you make generous donations to your church? Do you show generosity to poor and needy people? Do you think God is pleased with your level of giving? Do you need to make any changes in how you approach giving? Doug Britton, MFT Doug Britton, Bible-based Marriage and Family Therapist, has helped hundreds of thousands of people as a therapist, clinical director of a treatment center, seminar speaker, radio cohost, and author of over twenty books that show how to apply God's truths in your daily life.

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1. Tell the Truth. Always.

Does God own everything? Read More. Taking care of God's possessions. What does it mean to be "free"? Thank you!

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    Defeating Temptation Overcoming sin in your life Read More. Need Help in One of These Topics? Personal Growth. Discover our brand new short online courses available to all, whether you're a Union student or not. Indulge me for a moment while I dote on my child. Imagine the scene in our kitchen as we started assembling a Christmas hamper for a community programme at church.

    My husband and I explained that not everyone in our city has enough of what they need at Christmas, and that this was a very small way for us to help. So, we started to fill the box with tins of soup, bars of soap, breakfast cereal and all the other sensible things I had bought for the occasion. It was good to see my little boy moved to lavish and heartfelt generosity when confronted with a need. He wanted to give of his own precious bounty to make their Christmas happy. In the hectic run-up to Christmas in a household with small children and a husband in full-time ministry, why has this short moment stuck with me?

    Because, I think, it points me right to the heart of God. Our God is a generous God: not a sensible, give-them-what-they-need kind of God, but a God whose heart overflows with kindness, richness, and a desire to bless. When God gives, He gives the best. And it is so good —so refreshing, liberating, and challenging—for us to remember that. Did you know there are more than species of octopuses in our oceans?

    Did you know that just one handful of sand has 10, grains in it — and would it boggle your mind to know that there are more stars in the cosmos than grains of sand on every beach in the world? The earth in all its richness provides us with a multitude of colours, textures, flavours, and smells to delight our eyes and our tastebuds. We see a world absolutely dripping in variety, beauty, splendour, and majesty, because the One who made it was generous.