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I killed Kirsten Green. Seventeen-year-old Hayley Reynolds is unwanted at home, and an outsider at school.


Pushed away by her best friend Kirsten Green, she makes a deliberate, chilling decision — if Kirsten can't belong to her, then she won't belong to anyone DI Beverley Samuels has the body of a schoolgirl on her hands — a murder that brings back the hauntingly painful memories of the case she's tried so desperately to forget. There's something deeply disturbing about this crime — and yet with little hard evidence it's up to her to decide who she will believe Kiss Her Goodbye is a dark psychological crime novel featuring a brilliantly manipulative psychopath — and with a shock ending that is the best twist of !

This is her first novel. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 4. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Kirsten Green is my best friend. Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

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Winkler Susanne. Focus and secondary predicates. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Wierzbicka Anna. Williams Edwin. Zubizarreta Maria-Luisa. I am grateful to the reviewers of this work, who have carefully read and criticized the article, convincing me of the importance and originality of certain claims.

In John wiped the table clean , the table is at the same time an argument of wipe and an argument of clean. Researchers have dealt with this problem by introducing covert elements, like PRO subject of a small clause, as critically discussed in Carrier and Randall or by saying that the verb actually does not have the DP as its argument, as in Hoekstra In this article, I am claiming that syntactic and semantic theory allows bi-headed words sharing their complement, as in Baker Kiss somebody happy birthday is excluded by my informants, for a reason I cannot explain, but one finds a few occurrences on the internet.

Sorry, to which we come back in section 3. He kissed his mother sorry. We will see that it is because it does not take an addressee. But as an indefinite DP referring to an act of greeting, it sounds fine in the kiss goodbye construction: ii She had kissed her daughter a warm welcome. In this article I have not had the space to study the construction in which the interjection heads a full DP but this obviously deserves attention. I do not know whether the kiss goodbye construction with cheers is possible, because I have not found a transitive verb with a human complement that could describe the gesture done when one proposes a toast.

An anonymous reviewer suggests the verb toast , but that verb does not take a Goal, a requirement of that construction cf. We may assume that the total redundancy of the DP makes it escape the need for Accusative checking. So, expressions like as i and ii are on a par with English is a D elimitation -language, a language that activates the functional head that specifies an endpoint, allowing the clause to be interpreted as an event.

The similarities between resultative serial-verb constructions and English resultatives are striking, and it would be fruitful to have a unifying view of them. It is not so with kiss goodbye.

#2: If She is Super Materialistic

If we assume that compositionality of meaning requires the verb to combine first with the element with which it forms a semantic unit, then goodbye combines first with kiss. This is evidenced by a compound like a kiss goodbye , granting that compound formation is a case of saturation and that this saturation operation respects the order of the arguments of the theta grid. Semantics corroborates this, because the result expressed by open is not lexically entailed by kick , which does not necessarily entail the opening or closing of doors.

This means that not all transitive resultatives are lexical, and, in particular those with verbs of contact, like kick open. Then, as discussed in the literature, the fact that DP necessarily corresponds to the DO of the verb is obtained by entailment, given the general meaning of resultatives requiring direct causation between the act named by the verb and the result named by the adjective. See Barss and Lasnik for discussion and Brandt for a recent claim on the subject nature of the IO.

I will assume that this is a possibility offered by the semantics of verbs of contact. We could think that the acceptability of i derives from this implication, allowing the DP my head to count as the addressee of the interjection. Alternatively, we could build the addressee-interjection relation in the syntactic structure of the sentence itself, between the genitive DP and the interjection.

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