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Solace []. The classic sci-fi ultimate collection. Volume… []. Ernest B Schoedsack. The men I didn't marry : a novel []. The story of Michigan's Mill Creek []. Janie Lynn Panagopoulos. The runes of Isle Royale : a Great Lakes… []. Train to midnight : a dream-quest adventure []. He said he wanted to give her something, so she agreed to go with him.

When they got up there, he pulled out a knife and stabbed her because he said he saw her cheating on him. And when they are shut, they open. You can hear the pipes clanking and sometimes you can see the figure of an older woman walk through the halls. This upstairs used to be a school, but is now used for the hall and storage. Detroit - St. Andrew Hall - St. Andrews is a well known concert venue. There has been several Ghosts seen walking around the basement the Shelter and actually chasing people up the stairs. On one occasion all the areas but the shelter was open. Doors opening and closing.

Detroit - University of Detroit - Mercy - Marion Hall - The ghosts of nuns long dead still let there presence be known by locking doors, cold chills and uneasy feelings of being watched. Detroit - The Whitney - originally the home of David Whitney now a very swank restaurant.

Reports of table settings moving, doors opening and closing, elevator being operated when there is no one there, cold spots and sightings of a male spirit possibly David Whitney Dexter - Warlock Willie's - There is a small cemetery near an apple orchard about a mile from town on Huron River Dr. There are only a few gravestones, but there is a particular tree that is said to grow over the grave of a warlock. The tree has thorns growing on it although it isn't the type of tree to naturally grow thorns. People say that if you lie on the ground in front of the tree you can see a shadow come at you and pass through you into the ground.

Contact has been less and less frequent, however, actors and theatre workers have reported hearing piano music coming from the otherwise deserted house and disembodied voices in the form of whispers and quiet laughter. The only visual contact is of a young girl, thought to have been left behind when the orphan train stopped in town and the children were brought to the property to rest around the turn of the century. Other evidence, such as disappearing scissors and keys, and strange and unclaimed writing on scripts and notebooks left overnight at the theatre, exists.

Another story is that play director walked all over the theatre searching for her keys one night. She looked on the stage, then went to the basement to search. She was alone. She came back up to the stage, and her keys were in the center of the stage with the spot light shining on them. Dowagiac - Olympia Books - Building is over years old and has housed among other businesses, a funeral parlor. The resident ghost is named Mr.

Bock, after a name stenciled on hallway leading to upstairs apartment. Bock regularly knocks books from shelves or places them neatly in front of the door. Strangest experience was finding a chair placed about two feet from front door, looking out onto street. This has happened twice. There is a beam interrupt buzzer at the front door which has been set off when nobody present. People in the apartment upstairs have reported hearing footsteps coming up to the apartment but nobody was there.

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Other strange happenings such as lights coming on or going off, voices etc. The apartment dwellers also report that their cat will not go to a certain part of apartment when ball is thrown there. It is said that on stormy nights the boys could be heard screaming for help. The house that was located there at the time was also believed to be the persons that called for help for them often heard the boys crying out at night.

The house had lots of strange happenings and ghosts seemed always around. At night if you walk down Casey road past the cemetery you get an awful feeling that you are being followed and if you turn around quickly you can catch a glimpse of something behind you. Dutch town - Marons Food Market - Store has a women spirit in it.

Stuff flies off shelves at the costumers, Someone a lady, whistling and no ones in the store but the workers. Lights shut off and turn on when someone's alone. Cold spots and chills. Eagle Harbor - Lake Breeze Inn and light house - people claim they have seen a woman walking the porch looking out to the lake as if she is looking for her long lost husband who was lost in the lake in a freighter crash, the light house has had everything to lights flickering on and off to hearing voices, and apparitions. East Lansing - Fairchild Auditorium - There is a boy who roams the halls of the auditorium.

Also, there have been stories of weird noises coming from the stage areas. East Lansing - Michigan State University - Holmes Hall - On the sixth floor of the west building, students have reported seeing a male figure enter the elevator. Immediately after the door closes it reopens, revealing an empty elevator. Appliances have also been known to come on by themselves. They are shadowy figures that simultaneously take both elevators and hold them. Then whispers of wind come from the elevators. Then they elevators close.

Upon investigation into the hall is deserted but footsteps and laughing are heard. Also reported an apparition of a man walking into the elevator and it goes down to the 9th floor when it gets there the door opens and you feel a cold breeze go past you. Everyone on the floor has experienced doors slamming, appliances going on and off, and windows opening and closing.

East Lansing - Michigan State University - Mason Hall - there have been sightings of an old man in the oak room in the basement. Supposedly he was locked in there in and suffocated and died. Voices have been heard in halls. There is a loud banging noise that can be heard early in the morning. Sometimes the lights will flicker and an eerie presence can be felt in the laundry room.

East Lansing - Michigan State University - Mayo Hall - Strange presence felt in the basement corridor linking the two wings of the dormitory. Female figure seen in the west lounge, near the piano, said to be Mary Mayo herself. From the third floor gable room, it is possible to see the window to the locked fourth floor. On cold nights and July Saturdays at noon, you can hear children crying. East Lansing - Michigan State University - Williams Hall - Incidents have included residents hearing noises coming from unoccupied rooms, computers turning on and off, seeing ghostly figures in the halls and dancing in the old cafeteria, night receptionists have reported the television in the main hall turning on and off.

East Leroy - 4 mile road - behind the houses on the lift side if coming from battle creek there is an old railroad that runs through the fields. It run back in the early 's. Witnesses report a phantom train can be heard, seen and felt the train as it passes by.

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Shadows have been seen on the walls when the auditorium is dimly lit. There are also stories of apparitions being spotted. Cold spots are felt on the stage as well as a strange presence being felt from time to time. Occurrences only seem to happen when there are a few people in the auditorium. When there is a crowd nobody notices anything. It's surrounded by an old cemetery.

The church and it's grounds are said to be haunted by a child who was killed inside of the church by the pastor. If you drive by there is also a head stone that glows green.


You can here giggling from insides the cemetery late at night. And you will sometimes see figures hiding among the stone. During a recent renovation project, the carpenters and other workers said to have come in to work and all of their tools have been moved or missing, they have heard music when there was no power on in the house, they have heard laughter of children, and came in one day and all the furniture had been nailed to the floor. There were also reports of some of the workers seeing blood on the stairs and banister and the head carpenter was down in the basement and looked to the top of the stairs; He saw a figure standing there that was dressed like a general from the Civil War.

Mitz still lives in this house today. Evart - Forest Hill Cemetery - Some of the headstones glow at night. It is said that the light comes from the lantern of the deceased, but restless, railroad worker. He died in the Muskegon River flowing by the cemetery in the late 's. Apparitions and voices can be seen. If you are leaving through the west gate, which is on a hill, and you put your car in neutral, your car is mysteriously "pushed" up the hill and out of the gate of the Cemetery.

Further, they found no facts that it has ever really happened or have been recorded to happen. You drive IN the west gate. You then drive to the bottom of a hill. You put in your car in neutral and go back up the hill. They claim to have done this at least 50 times over the past 10 years or so.

It works every single time. You put the car in neutral, and go backwards uphill. Not driving the other way. They sent a picture showing the front of the car pointing down hill. Farmington Hills - William Tyndale college - There have been many occurrences with employees especially the buildings and grounds workers of the sound of a woman walking down the hallway in hi-heel shoes. There have also been the sounds of children playing but there is no one there.

Fenton - Fenton Hotel - Several reports of activity in the Bar area, glasses breaking and shutters being opened or closed. Phantom drink orders taken by wait staff. Included in the book Haunted Michigan. Noises footsteps, voices reported in the upper levels by employees closing the restaurant at night. Has a long history in the town, used to serve as a Hotel, but has been a restaurant for many years.

Many unexplained light flickering occurs also Fennville - 54th street - in the back roads off the right side of m89 highway there were sightings of a werewolf looking creature it stood about 4 to 5 feet high crouching down a whitish grey color its been sighted by a few people Fennville - Reveille Rd - there was a haunted trailer that 3 people lived in strange things happened in that house mirrors breaking, doors slamming, and you can hear voices. The history is that the people in the cemetery are in need of deep rest and wont stop till they get it. Fife Lake - Battenfield House - Previous residence of one of well known mass murderers who was found to have poisoned several family members because she liked to attend social events and used the murders to provide the social contact she craved.

Two of the murders occurred in this house. Hauntings include burning flames seen on upstairs newel post which left no heat or burn. Story's go that a security guard was stabbed down there in the 's by a homeless person and died down there. There was an older guy on his shift that claimed to have been one of the Iron workers that built the place in He said that when the hole was being dug for the foundation of the building that they found human remains, he also said that the county corner had to come out there 2 to 3 times a week because they were digging up so many old bones story goes is that the area was once used as a native Indian burial ground.

Flint - Capitol Theatre - People have heard screams, moans, and tapings on the wall. And while groups have come to play on the stage in the theatre, for no reason at all their equipment goes dead, but the power is still on. Flint - Cornwall building - the old Cornwall family is said to still walk the place. You can see them in the window of the old office from 3rd street.

Flint - Diane's Pawn Center - A heavy and oppressive feeling takes over you as you enter, and specifically in the isle with leather coats and guitars, you sense an overwhelming amount of depression and dread. You get the urge to leave immediately. The hair stands up on the back of your neck, and it also seems hard to breathe. Flint - The Dryden Building - Man walking down hallway on 3rd floor. Sounds of people walking up and down the stairs. Knocking on walls, lights flickering, faces seen looking out of window at night.

Personal items being moved from one place to another. Bells ringing at the front door. Haunted possibly by an old man and woman, or maybe even farm help. Forester - Forester Cemetery - Young Boys Running around Graves around on almost every Wednesday Thought to be because of a Fire that killed some school children. When Minnie was around 15 years of age, she fell in love with a sailor. Unfortunately, Minnie's parents disapproved and would not let her see him. The sailor later died at sea. Minnie was so upset upon hearing of his death that she dressed herself in all white and jumped off the pier into the cold waters of Lake Huron.

Her body is buried in the nearby cemetery. People have claimed to see her ghost walking the beach, crying for her lost love. Forestville - Forestville Beach - One night a young teenager was driving his truck down to the beach. The road to the beach had a steep hill downwards towards the water. He was going to fast and couldn't stop in time so he plummeted in the water. The weight of his truck dragged him under to fast to escape so he drowned.

Every summer night if you go to the beach you can hear his scream then a giant splash at around pm Frankenmuth - School House Mall - Story has it, that in the late 's when the mall was still a school, a teacher was killed there. A murder was running loose and this unlucky teacher was right in harms way. She has been seen wandering the hallways trying to protect her students from the killer. Lorenz Lutheran grade school--was not built on that site until And there were all men teachers until the late 's. Fraser - Eisenhower Elementary - It is said that a little boy was brutally beaten and hung from the swing set and people report during the night to see the swings start swinging all on their own and cries of pain.

Freeland - Elementary school - building used to be a graveyard, all bodies not removed. A creepy man wondering the halls, but only in dark and deserted places. Behind stage, cold spots galore, and the curtain wires moving with no one by them. Old band room, and hole in the ceiling, and once on a while a student will see a mans face through it.

Fremont - Old Applebrook Farm - Althaugh the home is owned by new owners now, the once-named Applebrook Farm is over years old. Fremont - Wal-mart - The ghost of a man has been known to play tricks on associates. Knocking things over and making noises. Especially upstairs in the layaway packaging dept. The associates who have worked there for years swear they have seen him or have been witness to his mischievousness.

Also complaints of feeling watched and chills. These sounds are said to be because a dog killed a little girl back in the 's. The tennis courts took over the exact spot. Curtains open and close during rehearsals and performances. The crawl space door to the catwalk opens and slams shut, even though now it's kept looked. Lights flicker on off, especially the spotlights.

The students know him as "Red Eyes", no one has yet to see him. Garden City - Garden City High School - Room - When the room is empty after school there is a girl that sits at an empty desk in the back corner. She was supposedly shot to death in Garden City - Garden City Hospital - There was a 13 year old boy who is seen late at night in the main lobby walking back on forth from the desk to the 3rd chair. It is said that the boy is trying to decide to find another way out, or to avoid his original plan. Which was he jumped from the roof after an operation didn't go the way he had hope.

After walking to the desk 3 or 4 times. It disappears and at night around if you stand on Cambridge and look up you can see it happening. Garden City - Garden City Park - reports of an apparition on an old man that is sitting at a picnic table that just disappears. Garden City - Lathers Elementary - The local rap group L3 was being hunted down by gunmen and ducked a few bullets. Where the old baseball diamond stood, "Mr.

Tarnow" and "Phareel" fired back and killed two men before getting gunned down themselves. Children claim they hear rhymes and gunshots when they step on the "baseball diamond", which was turned into a parking lot because of the murder scene. Genesee - Grand Blanc - Riverbend East Watertower - Time to time you can hear "wavey" sounding voices coming from the fenced off building, at the bottom of the water tower I'm over here He was not found until weeks later Gladstone - North Bluff Cemetery - It has been seen by numerous people that a woman in a wedding dress has been seen walking through the cemetery searching for the people who murdered her husband, Raymond Visnaw.

It has said that she has actually came towards people and disappeared. Goodrich - Cemetery by the Elementary School - voices and sounds of people talking throughout the night. Teachers would go in there, thinking someone was smoking and there would be nobody there. Cameras would show that nobody even went into the bathrooms. During tests, students will sometimes hear voices coming from the venting systems. Lockers will mysteriously open and slam shut and nobody will be in the hallways. Every now and then, you would hear people whispering in the bathroom stall next to you and nobody will be there.

Also, door stalls will open and slam shut, even yours. It seems that the bathrooms at the high school are particularly haunted. Grand Blanc - Old State Cemetery - People levitating, shadowy figures, voices, cold winds suddenly, something touching you, held in one spot, and a bouquet of flowers following you every step you take. When it was up and running as a theatre, employees would report lights turning on and off and garbage being cleaned up and no one had cleaned up.

There also might be someone buried the basement according to stories. This information was printed in a story in the Grand Haven tribune around The theatre is currently going to be turned into a hotel if all goes well. Not enough money and interest could be raised for a hotel. Grand Haven - Lake Forest Cemetery - There has been sightings of a "blue man" apparition on top of Ferry Hill, an old part of the cemetery where the founders of the city are buried.

The "blue man" is believed to be that of William Ferry, a reverend and founder of Grand Haven. Grand Ledge - Sawdon High School - There are three floors at Sawdon High School, The classes use to be on the second floor until a student overdosed, on acid on the second floor, so they moved classes and lockers to the third floor, It is said that if you go on the second floor of Sawdon you will hear lockers open and slam shut, and toilets flush, and someone running through the hall screaming.

Objects moving on their own. Night security guards report turning off all lights in the locked and secured building and having them mysteriously turn on once again. Reports of water faucets turning on have also been mentioned. On the second story and in the far room at the right-hand side there is a ghost of a man that sometimes appears to be dressed in clothing from the 30's or 40's.

Sometimes he appears to be an elderly man. At approximately to the specter wanders from the hallway and then hesitates at the doorway and then look like it is about to turn around. But then he walks into the room. The former residence to that place reported that the ghost walked to the middle of his room and stood there for minutes and then goes out into the hallway and stands.

It is not known when he vanishes. He was last seen in Grand Rapids - Cornerstone University - numerous stories of a girl that waits outside of Pickett Hall during very late hours. Grand Rapids - Cornerstone University - Pickett Hall - numerous stories of a girl that waits outside of Pickett Hall during very late hours. Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids Civic Theatre - Reports of an "evil presence" in the peanut gallery, gels flap in the lights, and people have been seen in the side bays or ducking behind curtains Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids Home for Veterans - This Old Soldiers Home first opened in and its early residents were Civil War veterans.

To the present day, ghostly men are seen on the grounds wearing Civil War garb. Grand Rapids - St. Isidore School - Reports of water faucets going on all by themselves. There was one incident where a girl went to the upstairs bathroom and heard someone come in, but when she looked around no one was around. Grand Rapids - Ottawa Hills High School - In North House Lecture Hall there is reports of strange noises such as water spilling on the floor, footsteps and things turning on by themselves. A girl who was dropped of early one morning decided to sit and wait in the hall until school had opened reports someone or something pulling her hair.

In the first row, second seat on the right. Why these encounters are happening no one knows.

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Stephens School - Around ,a mysterious fire broke out in the downstairs gymnasium and trapped a young girl named Susan in the girl's bathroom. Students reported hearing screams and hollers coming from a stall in the girls locker-room, and seeing no one there. Grand Rapids - Studio 28 theater - There is a rumor of a ghost who haunts the projection booth by theater Some employees have seen a shadowy figure dart across the booth. Others have noticed objects moving on their own.

They report other odd happenings with other electrical devices. She has been seen in silhouette, sitting in the restaurant, and one manager, a young female I spoke with, said after a few nights of working alone cleaning up the bar area after closing, that she won't work alone there any more, she had seen the elevator operate on its own too many times and was scared. Grand Rapids - West Catholic High School - There is a cemetery next to the high school that has a 'glowing nun' near one of the tombstones.

You can only see this glowing nun during a full moon. When you see it, it is glowing and transparent. There is no logic of the source of light or why it glows like a hologram. After you drive past the tombstone - it disappears. Hundreds of cars would line up to see the glowing nun every full moon in the 's. A Native person whom has been taught "bad medicine," can change or assume the shape of any animal he or she desires.

When not in animal or human form, a ball of light can be seen traveling at ground level or jumping from treetop-to-treetop. Grandville - Grandville Cemetery - A year old cemetary built upon by a christian cemetary, dated back to the mid 's. Reports of serious hauntings, and even people having extreme physical pain. In one case a young girl was rushed to the hospital only hours after visiting this cemetary. Grant - Grant High School - The janitors when they are all by themselves report seeing balls of light glide across the room and things being knocked over by themselves.

Also reports from students of being slapped or hit across their face and backs. Grayling - Hartwick Pines River Bottom - Voices heard early in the mornings, if you are sitting in the river bottoms. Grayling - Pere Cheney Cemetery - Not far from Grayling is a cemetery from the late 's named after a small town that died out circa The cemetery has only a handful of tombstones, many of which have been vandalized or withered with age.

There is reference to several mass graves there from a plague of small pox and a major fire that destroyed the town. The cemetery has produced several tales of problems with electrical devices such as cars and radios, as well as sightings of ghostly figures and childish laughter.

Greenville - Frigidaire Factory - It is said to have the ghost of an employee who was killed in a traffic accident on his way home from work after being fired. Strange happenings have been documented by firemen and civilians. The occurrences are blamed on a ghost named Mr. Griffen, as it was only part of a name readable on an old tomb stone found in the yard. There are numerous sightings and stories of strange events that several scared to sleep and some even refuse to work at the station all together.

Greenville - Metron nursing home - a former worker used to work here doing post mortem care and the west hall has a nurse on duty her picture is on the wall there and she is seen ALOT walking around the end of west hall she died 23 years ago. Grosse Ile - Knock Knock Rd. In Gross Isle there is a lovers' lane. The story goes that one night a man and a girl were there and the girl wouldn't do anything with the guy so the guy kicked her out of the car and slammed the door.

Her hair supposedly got caught in the door and it is said that he dragged her down the road several miles. If you go down the street that she was dragged on you can her a knocking on the side of your car many times as if she was caught on the side of your car. Grosse Isle - Ford Yacht Club - strange noises and sightings on the grounds after the clubhouse closes. Some think it is the ghosts of past commodores.

The ford yacht club has the largest grounds of any yacht club in the United States. During the American Revolution, the British controlled Grosse Isle, and during the war of ,as well. Grosse Ile - Wildlife Sanctuary - The story goes that a man was hung from a tree branch in the middle of the night. You can still see the branch where the man was hung from at the fork of the road. It has been said that if you go there in the middle of the night, noises are heard and you will have the feeling of not being wanted there.

Feeling of being watched and followed. Noises and lights through the trees.

madame cadillacs ghost a great lakes adventure in history mystery Manual

Having to go away. Also, ny people report seeing a 10 year old boy riding his bike while driving through the bird sanctuary at night. He appears to be wearing all beige or gray and is generally approached from behind. The rider clad in an outfit entirely made up of the same color is what seems to grab the immediate attention of most people who have related this story. Upon overtaking the rider, the passengers in the car invariably turn to have another look at this kid out for a ride on an unlit road in an area where people are not often found.

All they report seeing behind them is empty road and dense woods stretching out before them. Strange people stand near the edge of the lake. While driving, you might watch them disappear as you look back to where you saw them. Grosse Pointe Woods - Grosse Pointe North High School - It is said if you are on the third floor at 2 o'clock in the morning, random lockers will open and close and you can hear a girl scream.

The story behind this is unknown. This place is said to be haunted by the ghosts of former patients of the asylum. Hancock - Finlandia University - Phi Kappa Tau House - In our year history of the house, it has been a hospital, hotel, doctors office, and now a fraternity house.

One of the brothers fell off the fire escape years ago and died. Strange things happen such as faucets turning on, lights going on and off, and doors will open and close. In addition their dog will not go into ROOM 1. She will stand outside the door and watch something or someone go around the room. There has also been sightings of miners and other strange people in the house. The basement was a morgue, and every now and then when down there it will go from being warm to ice cold even though it may be 70 degrees outside.

Harrison - The Apartments behind the Putt-R-Golf - There has been many hauntings in these apartments, you can hear people walking up the stairs, radios and other electronic devices turn on and off by themselves, doors open, and you can here people talking or papers rattling when there is no one in the house except you. Hartford - Maple Hill Cemetery - There have been reported sightings of a creature that lives in the back woods of the cemetery with glowing green and sometimes silver eyes. Eyewitnesses say this creature is very large and appears to be very hairy.

It was reported that the creature itself once chased a couple teenagers out of the cemetery. Teachers and students have reported sightings of an Indian Chief. He has been reported as a dark shadowy figure floating down halls and moving things around inn classrooms. Many of the teachers call him Chief Turkey Feather because of turkey feathers left behind after visiting classrooms. Harrison - Old white house - Back in the 's there was an old woman who owned half of Harrison and her grandson beat her and she died not to long afterward.

The old house is known to have the toilet flush in the middle of the night, the doors slamming, an old woman's voice talking, screams, and things slamming up Harrison Township. Harrison - Reinke House - There are many stories about this house. One is the mother Mrs.

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Reinke was standing in her kitchen putting away groceries, and looked up and saw twin daughters around 6 years old holding hands and walking toward her. They walked right past her and out the door down towards Budd Lake. Another story is the large man story. Reinke was tying up his boat when he looked up into his bedroom window and saw a large figure of a man in the window. He rushed up to make sure everything was ok and when he got there, nothing was in the room.

Soon after, another sighting of this large man happened. The daughter was sleeping when she noticed that a light was coming from her closet. The way the light comes through the window it would be impossible to be shining into the closet. She looked away, and when she looked back, saw a large man in her closet, the same man her dad had seen earlier. She described the man looking just the way her dad had seen, and he hadn't told anyone about the man yet he didn't want to look stupid. The next day, the whole family was out of the house, and no one had been there all day.

When the daughter came home, she found her room in total shambles, everything in the closet had been thrown around, and figurines and other possessions where seen lying on the ground. Another story has to do with the son. One night he could hear a bouncing ball in the attic above his room. He hears it about once every month or so, and if he gets annoyed with it, he tells the ghost or whatever is bouncing the ball to quit, and it usually does.

He is very used to it, and it doesn't scare him anymore to hear it.

Panagopoulos, Janie Lynn

All of the son's friends are afraid to sleep in the house, and will not really sleep in any rooms alone. Harrisville - Sturgeon Point light house - The tower is now walled up, and painted with a mural of a light keeper, but before being cut off from the rest of the building, a single dim light could be seen making it's way up the winding stairs to the tower. Hartland - Hartland RD Cemetery - orbs, mists and odd shapes when photographed at night.

Hastings - Charlton Park - A lady is said to have been murdered in the old hotel. She was killed in a bar fight. On many occasions she has been seen walking the halls of the third floor. There is a cleaning lady who refuses to clean on this floor because she gets weird feelings when she is there. The lady has never been seen anywhere else only in the hotel. There is also a story of a young girl who was playing hide and seek and locked herself in an old chest. No one found her in time before she suffocated to death. She is said to have been seen walking the halls of the same floor.

Hawks County Road - Site of the 's triple murder by two insane adolescents from Onaway, the Halfway Station, is said to still be haunted. The Station, halfway between Hawks and Millersburg, is fearfully avoided by teens today on "booze cruises," due to the folklore that the two murderers appear behind you after circling the station 3 x's after midnight.

December Update: An investigation team traveled to Northern Michigan in July , and did full research on this haunted location. No murders actually took place in this location, but the two teens did commit murder elsewhere. They are both incarcerated at Oaks Correctional Facility facing 14 life sentences. Here is a link to the all the events plus photos: WMGHS Highland - Shoe Tree - Possibly debunked as there is a peacock farm across the road, which would explain the answering screams.

A kid walked by the tree everyday on his way home from school, and a couple bullies would stop him take his shoes and hang them on the tree so he could get them. He was found dead one day behind the tree in a swamp. Now the tree his covered with shoes, and at midnight if you get out of your car and scream, he'll scream back for help. Holland - Castle Park - According to legend, this castle was built in by Michael Schwarz in order to properly seclude his family from, "America's uncivilising influences.

Schwarz interfered with the attempted elopement and locked his daughter away in the castle's tower. Reports claim that on moonlit nights, her ghost can be seen in the tower window looking towards Holland for her lost love. Holly - Holly hotel - various happenings. Publication Timeline.

Most widely held works about Janie Lynn Panagopoulos. Most widely held works by Janie Lynn Panagopoulos. The story of Michigan's Mill Creek by Janie Lynn Panagopoulos Book 2 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide This book, a blend of fact and fiction, tells of the Campbell family that built a sawmill to furnish lumber to Fort Mackinac and the people of Mackinac Island. Traders in time : a dream-quest adventure by Janie Lynn Panagopoulos Book 4 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide From the Back Cover: Chris scoffs at his younger brother's enthusiasm for collecting rocks-particularly one Nick thinks is shaped like a turtle-and generally thinks that the eight-year-old is something of a wimp.

But Chris's attitude is dramatically changed as the brothers suddenly find themselves trapped at dusk in a deep forest with eighteenth-century fur traders. With the help of his turtle warrior rock and his new friends, Meggie La Framboise and her assistant LeClarie, Nick saves Chris from the clutches of an evil trader named McDougal. But the boys' adventures have only begun as they flee from McDougal to an Ottawa Indian camp and then on to Mackinac Island.

Traders in Time vividly portrays the variety of people involved in the fur trade and brings to life the sights, smells, and drama taking place along the shores of Lake Michigan and at Fort Mackinac in the late s. Journey back to lumberjack camp by Janie Lynn Panagopoulos Book 8 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Twelve-year-old Gus McCarty struggles at school with an obnoxious classmate named Al until an accident sends him back in time to a lumber camp with an equally troublesome lumberjack named Alex.