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Mushroom & Hazelnut Loaf

You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. Did you make sure to put the churning bowl in the freezer before use? Also, would you mind sharing the brand of coconut cream or milk that you used? Perhaps that was the issue! My canned coconut milk separates and would not blend in blender or in ice cream maker machine.

I followed all the directions. What is going wrong? Sounds like the brand might be giving you trouble. Here are our top favorites. Which brand did you use? I only had Mexican vanilla and it turned out great. I plan on making this my base for caramel swirl, coffee toffee, chocolate chip, etc.

Living in Alaska, this is the economical way to go! Sorry, one more question. If I wanted to take this recipe and make it chocolate or mint chip, etc. Mint Chocolate Chocolate. Yum on your dessert! I never heard of vanilla powder. Where do you get that and can I sub vanilla liquid form? Thanks in advance for all of your hard and delicious work!!! Both extract and powder form will work — powder form can be found online or in most grocery stores :D.

I used this recipe as a guide for the first batch of ice cream in my new cuisinart maker. I did not have a vanilla bean or powder on hand. I used a Tbsp of real vanilla extract instead. This recipe is dangerously easy and delicious. It reminded me of snow cream but richer and creamier. Not my last batch of ice cream! Super delicious! Thank you for this recipe. I wanted to practice before having my family over for a little ice cream party, and this turned out so well.

Looking forward to making it for them and adding mix-ins like crumbled Oreos :. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Michelle. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Thanks so much! This recipe was awful!! I wasted a very expensive vanilla bean. Marsha, I apologize for any trouble here. See our new recommendations in the notes!

Again, sorry for any inconvenience! Hello, This might be a weird question — but — my partner has recently been reacting very harshly to sugar. Of other sweeteners, it seems that she can only handle maple syrup I had really been hoping xylitol would work too, but, alas, it still gave her a migraine. Do you think the recipe would hold up if I subbed all of the sugar with maple syrup? But might I suggest this recipe instead for a slight flavor variation? Made this for the 4th of July to go with the berry crumble.

Grapefruit & Honey Sorbet

It is excellent. I followed the recipe exactly but had a hard time getting it to set up in my icecream maker. Not to worry, after about an hour, I just put it into the loaf pan in the freezer and it turned out terrific. Just made this, using an organic full-fat coconut milk from Safeway it has guar gum as a stabilizer, which I read helps with the separating problem and it turned out good. However, I poured the separated mixture into a saucepan, simmered it, chilled it fully, and then it worked.

I have made it with half cane sugar and half maple syrup, and all maple syrup, and it worked both ways. Turned out great and it taste like banana cream pie! Thank you for all of your amazing vegan recipes :. Blended for 30 seconds, separated and curdled. What a waste of ingredients and time. Can I ask what brand coconut milk you used? I tried Native Forest for a while but it always curdled and separated. I was recently diagnosed with a plethora of food allergies, one of which is dairy. Giving up ice cream was hard! I sampled a number of non-dairy alternatives being offered in stores, and while many of them are very good, their price tag makes them eligible only for rare treat status.

And for some reason no one does just a plain vanilla version. I found this recipe while browsing for other alternatives, and it looked so easy, I decided to give it a try. Hi im doing Keto so wha i sugar free syrup can I use that?

Lime and Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

And what other sugars can you use? Thank you. If you do some experimenting, we would love to hear how it goes! Hi Carol — Monkfruit sweeteners are keto-approved and would be great in this ice cream recipe! I made this without a machine. I dissolved the sugar on the stove and then blended. After pouring into the freezer container I whipped it with an egg beater and cooled in the fridge before putting in the freezer.

I rewhipped every 2 hours or so, breaking up the already frozen sections, making it all uniform. Only problem was that it was a bit crystalline. But I love it. Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your technique, Sheri! We are so glad to hear you enjoy this recipe! This recipe turned out amazing!

I used two cans has to be the tin can kind of full fat coconut milk, fat and liquid, and monk fruit to sweeten.

The Gelateria Guide of Rome

Blended everything in the blender and added to ice cream machine that had been in the deep freeze for more than 24 hrs. It had a thick, creamy, phenomenal taste and texture! Froze it overnight and still tasted the same the next day. Took it out 30 minutes prior to serving and it thawed and scooped like a gem!

Will be making this many times again! This recipe is fantastic!!! A new staple in our house. In my trial runs of this recipe, two batches turned out great and one flopped. I read a lot of the comments and I think I figured out what helps make this recipe work out perfectly: 1. I let it cool at room temperature for awhile before adding it to the fridge another commenter recommended this. I think if it is chilled too fast, the coconut oil can seize up.

Chilling the mixture made it more successful in my ice cream maker. I used one can of coconut cream and one can of full fat coconut milk both from TJs. Hope this helps others with getting the perfect batch! Thanks so much for sharing!! I love so many of your recipes, seriously…hit after hit, currently making your veggie soup with white beans. It remains a consistency not much thicker than when it came out of the blender. Open to suggestions! So strange!

So, what brand coconut milk or cream are you using? See our favorites here. That might be the main issue…. You can also try skipping the oil next time. It always works for me, but some others have mentioned clumpling. I just love your recipes. They are wonderful. The coconut milk ice cream I make turns icy. Can you help?

I am currently on SIBO protocol so finding a recipe I could modify to allow me a treat while healing my body was very important. I tasted it before popping it in the freezer and it tastes really good! I also used the coconut cream from trader joes that you mention. Fun fact: Trader Joes is one of the very few places where you can get coconut cream or milk that does not contain any gums or thickening agents! Anyways, I just wanted to share. This did not come together for me at all. I blended all the ingredients together as directed at room temperature , then poured the mixture into my ice cream maker.

It seems like maybe something curdled? Or maybe I over-blended the mixture, even though I did it for less time than suggested? I ended up with what looked like chunky ricotta cheese, just chunks of frozen coconut fat, that got stuck in the middle of the ice cream maker, and frozen paste on the walls. I let the machine go for 20 minutes and tried scraping the contents around several to get things to redistribute and move, but it just kept rotating with an incorporated mass of coconut chunks in the middle.

Sad to waste the ingredients and time. I read after the fact in the comments that others only had this recipe work if they chilled the mixture first. Have you used your ice cream maker successfully with other ice cream recipes? Sometimes when it sticks to the walls, that can indicate a malfunction with the ice cream maker. When is the best time to add those?

If added in in the very beginning then everything sinks to the bottom. Not the end of the world, but not ideal either. I just have to say your recipes are amazing. I have yet to be disappointed and I have tried quite a few already. So excited to have stumbled across your vegan ice cream recipes. Just wondering if you have had any success with a vanilla ice cream without a coconut base?

I picked this recipe because I have dear friends who are staying away from dairy, but wanted them to still enjoy dessert at our dinner party. I have made severa batches of homemade ice cream wih my ice cream maker, so I am no stranger to the process. However, this recipe failed to pass the test. I followed the instructions to the letter, apart from the vanilla bean pod, and after an hour and 15 minutes in the ice cream maker the mixture was barely the consistency of a thin milk shake.

I think this recipe is missing a step compared to a past version. For it to work correctly in the ice cream machine, the mixture needs to be chilled for a few hours before putting it into the ice cream maker! This recipe came out delicious!

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I used 1 tbsp vanilla bean paste in place of the scraped vanilla bean, definitely added to the sweet vanilla flavour but still was coconutty enough to enjoy both flavours. The cans of milk I used had a big clump of cream and the rest was just water so I used the cream because surely the water would make it not work. Will try this recipe again because it came out delicious but I will try and use the coconut milk that IS all milk or I will have to use 4 of the same cans that I used to increase the yield.

Hi, I was wondering if this ice cream has a strong coconut taste due to coconut cream being the main component? Hi Annie! Could this be made without any sweetener or does that affect the chemistry? Good luck! No way, I thought. Then I actually made it and wow. I used one can of c. Used vanilla powder but everything else was the same. For me second time was the charm. The first time I attempted to make this ice cream I used coconut milk that was over a year old so the whole can had gone solid. This time however I used a can of coconut milk that I had bought less than a month ago.

Only a portion of it had gone solid. It was a pleasant surprise as there is no mention in the recipe on what the texture be like with liquid good vs solid coconut milk horrible. Hi, I was wondering if you can replace the sugar with coconut sugar, would this work? Many thanks. Hi Denise! You could try substituting coconut sugar, or maybe even brown rice syrup. I made this and it came out perfect. We have a Cuisinart ice cream maker and it took 30 minutes of churning until it quit moving the ice cream. We put it in the freezer and could only wait about 2. The next day, we set it out for 10 minutes and it was perfect again.

And then it was gone—going to make it again very soon. I used full-fat coconut milk. Can we exchange one of cans of coconut cream for cashew milk? I have a family member that is vegan and trying to lose weight and she really misses ice cream. She is very calorie conscious and I am trying to find a recipe for her. Next time I may try adding some key lime juice for a key lime pie ice cream.

This makes good ice cream but you have to be super careful at the whipping stage as many have noted. We used organic coconut cream with no guar gum and even at room temperature had it curdle badly. Pretty substantial waste of vanilla bean, vanilla, and coconut cream. I made this and it came out like a brick of ice.

It was completely un-scoopable. After over an hour of following the recipe step by step and waiting hours for it to freeze it was a brick. I even tried to thaw it and add oil the next day. Still a brick. Thank you so much! HI Dana, thank you very much. The only diff is I mixed all the ingredients a night before and left it in the refrigerator at the same time with the ice cream churning bowl in the freezer for 24 hours. I just made it 3 hours ago, and hope the texture will be smooth and good for the next day.

Again, thank you! Regards, Anh. Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks, Rachel. If you try something out, report back! Thank you for the delicious recipe. It was perfect out of the ice cream maker. But after It was frozen, it was rock hard. The only way we could eat it, was to scrape it into shavings. Any suggestions aside from eating the whole thing right away :.

I went to churn the ice cream and it still very runny. Is this normal? Thanks, Paloma. This is a fabulous recipe as is. Try adding 30 gms of melted cocoa butter at the end of blending. Hi Dana, I was excited to make this ice cream, it looks delicious. Like other reviewers, my ice cream never emulsified and was part watery and part hard fat globs. The cream layer is solidified on the top and there is a watery layer underneath. When I blended the ingredients together, the cream would not blend with the coconut water.

It needs an emulsifier, just like when making a vinaigrette. I would be interested to find out if your coconut cream contained an emulsifier so that the coconut would not separate. I would be interested to know if there are any natural vegan emulsifier that cooks could use to make this, because I know this recipe could be really great if I could get it to work:. Do you think I can get away with leaving this in the frozen bowl and popping it in the freezer until dessert time? What brand do you use? Is there sugar mixed in with it or straight vanilla only?

I love all your recipes, photos, and advice! My son has recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and has been very good at keeping to his diet ever since. But, I need to tweak it to suit his medical needs. Would using stevia instead of sugar work here?

Hi Ramona! Others in the comments gave stevia a try and did not have much luck! Take a look when you get a moment! I will also experiment with frozen fresh fruits like banana or dragonfruit processed into a puree. BTW, coconut sherbet using the water plus shredded and pureed coconut flesh is delicious. You may want to give that a try. My dad has diabetes therefore I usually use the coconut sugar to substitute for the regular sugar for baking, cooking, making ice cream since its has lower glycemic index Hope it helps!

So the cream of cononut does not work by its self. You need to add coconut milk in order it to freeze. Just tried the newer recipe dated June and it split right when I turned on the food processor. I ended up heating the mixture over the stove to get everything to mix together and chilled in the freezer for about 2 hours.

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Just took it out of the ice cream maker and it turned out great! Feels a little gritty could it be the granulated non-organic sugar I used? This is churning in my Cuisinart ice cream maker as I type this. Any advice on how to avoid those issues? Thanks and love your recipes- making your carrot noodle pad thai for friends for dinner tonight!

Since then, we have re-tested and updated the recipe so you should not run into those issues! I used full fat coconut milk and still had a problem with the fat forming little hard fat lumps in the ice cream. Did I do something wrong? Unfortunately when I blended the ingredients even without the coconut oil it split into liquid with a ball of coconut fat in the middle. Had to throw it out. Maybe the salt made this happen?

I tried this twice and it worked neither time. Made with coconut milk, it turned it more like a granita crystaline and lumpy with hardened bits of coconut fat. I made it for a birthday and so was very disappointed. Thank you much! It had more of the consistency of a runny pudding. I think it was the oil. I would try next time and use coconut milk instead.

I wish I was able to post a pic of what it looked like. I am making your recipe right now! The taste is absolutely delicious!!! I liked this recipe. However, When I out the coconut milk unsweetened, full fat in the blender, it curdled in about 30 seconds. It is the color of brown sugar. The second batch I used maple syrup which was fine.

Can you tell me what to do if it curdles again. I was super excited to make this, but for some reason while blending my coconut milk on high, it separated. Do you know why that is? I added chopped up dark chocolate covered coconut pieces. Oh muh gawsh. So so good! I love your recipes.

Thanks for the always-great recipes. I love this ice cream! This recipe did not work out for me at all, even with the blender. Once I put it in my ice cream maker it just separated further. It looks and tastes horrible. I tried taking it out and blending it with no luck. I tried this recipe twice yesterday night with high quality organic ingredients but, as others have experienced, the curdling of the mixture during blending kind of spoilt the recipe.. I have noticed that there are some canned coconut milk that has added thickeners. When making ice cream with coconut milk, should i use the one with or without thickeners?

Any idea why?? I have never had anything not freeze except alcohol in the freezer! I used vitamix to blend but it is clumpy and watery — not a homogenious mixture. I am so excited to make this ice cream. Do you think it can be beneficial for use this recipe for commercial purpose? Please let me know your opinion. I made this a few weeks ago with home made coconut milk.

It came out more like water ice. My kids still loved it. Fast forward to today I bought two cans of organic coconut cream from Trader Joes and I followed the recipe and used the blender except I took the coconut oil out of it to see if I would have success that way.

You guys. Can I please ask you to make this mango sorbet over the weekend? I tried making this with just sugar and lemon juice. Not bad, buuuuut, the consistency was somewhat OFF. Less calories, and less sugar, of course, but the texture just would not happen. I also tried it with Fat Free Sweetened Condensed Milk, and while that method was better than the first, the consistency was still runny. Please find some time to pick up a bag of chopped frozen mangoes I always have at least one bag in the freezer , and get on dis as soon as humanly possible.

Sweet, tart, rich, and SO delicious Mango Sorbet made with just 5 ingredients, and without an ice cream maker! Transfer the mango mixture to an ice cream tub or an airtight container; cover and freeze until firm. You will receive an email containing a link to set your password. You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from Diethood, or by emailing katerina diethood.

It saves the day everytime I need something sweet to cool me down a little… TNX!! SO happy you like the sorbet! Hi, beautiful pictures! Sorbet is not made with any milk. I was looking for a sorbet recipe and got a bit confused when I read the ingredients. Mango sorbet is one of my favorite summertime treats! Recipe Rating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with Diethood.

This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. Cut into this golden spiral of pastry to uncover a rich filling of ground nuts, orange blossom water and mastic, a natural resin that perfumes sweets from Tangier to Turkey. Paired with a traditional glass of Moroccan mint tea, it's a generous and celebratory dessert that invites every guest to serve themselves as much as they'd like, scattering the slivered nuts and ground cinnamon that decorate the top.

Even thinner than filo, the delicate warqa dough that's used for this Moroccan sweet is prepared by daubing a ball of dough on a hot griddle; it's an impressive labor of love that takes deft hands and many hours of practice. When celebrating some of the year's most anticipated holidays, many in the Levant reach for the comforting taste of these filled cookies, whose thin, semolina crust wraps around a delicious blend of chopped dates, nuts or both.

The simple cookies are shaped in wooden molds carved with intricate patterns, emerging as finely-wrought rounds or detailed cones. They're a memorable treat with an appealingly mild sweetness, and a love of ma'amoul unites the region's three predominant religious traditions: Jews enjoy ma'amoul as a Purim treat, bakers shape vast piles of the sweets for Easter, and in some areas, ma'amoul are an essential part of Eid feasts.

Banana Nice Cream & Summer Sorbets (Vegan, Dairy-Free, Fruit Based)

Bite into one of these traditional sweets and you'll find out why. The addition of coconut milk lends a tender bite and subtle aroma to these satisfying fritters, whose light sweetness is especially appealing when paired with a cup of milky coffee or chai tea. In some versions, a pinch of ground cardamom provides an extra jolt of spice, and the simple doughnuts are an invitation to get creative with flavors, toppings and sides. While many mandazi lovers trace the origins of these fried treats to South Sudan -- where they're often served with a rich chocolate dipping sauce that lands them firmly in dessert territory -- mandazi are also a beloved snack across Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda.

A touch of honey infuses an aromatic lilt into the slender layers of this cake, which is among Russia's most beloved treats. In between the cake layers, which can be stacked 10 high in the most elaborate versions, is a creamy frosting that melts into the honeyed rounds.

Variations on medovik differ widely, but the most popular takes incorporate one of two very Russian ingredients into the sweet filling. Some use the rich sour cream that adds flavor to some of Russia's most comforting foods, from borscht to blini. Others get their flavor from sweetened condensed milk, which became an icon of Russian cooking during the Soviet era, when fresh milk could be hard to come by.

The Big Apple's most iconic dessert seems to defy pastry physics.

[Read Book] Sorbet Recipes: 50 Low Fat Sorbet Recipes Made With Delicious Summer Fruits (Homemade

A light crumb offsets rich creaminess, a winning combination that elevates a simple list of flavors. Like the city itself, New York cheesecake draws inspiration from around the globe, and a genetic map of the cheese cake world would likely include the crumbly, dry-curd cheesecakes of eastern Europe, German kasekuchen and the fresh-cheese versions that are beloved in Italy. Unlike more fanciful recipes, New York's classic take on cheesecake eschews toppings or pronounced flavors, with just a hint of vanilla extract or lemon zest to lend a lilting aroma to a blend of sugar, eggs, cream and cream cheese, almost always Philadelphia brand.

The Netherlands' sweet contribution to the world of fried dumplings, oliebollen are a deliciously Dutch way to celebrate New Year's Eve. A crunchy, crispy ball of sweetened batter studded with raisins or currants, then dunked in powdered sugar, oliebollen are best eaten hot from street stands called oliebollenkrams. It might seem like a simple snack, but oliebollen are serious business in the Netherlands, where an annual contest uses blind testing at the academic Center for Taste Research in Wageningen to choose the country's very best oliebol.

Pastry-loving Aussies and Kiwis get riled when dinner conversations turn to Pavlova, a wonderfully messy meringue dessert that's a long-running sore point between Australia and New Zealand. Anna Pavlova, the globe-trotting Russian ballerina that the dessert is named for, visited both countries. Each claims the sweet as their own, but that's where the dispute ends -- no one denies the crunchy, creamy pleasures of a perfectly made Pavlova.

Sink a fork into the crisp meringue shell, and you'll discover a sweetly chewy interior. Piled high atop the meringue are fluffy whipped cream and tart fruits, a lofty topping whose richness and bright flavor offset the sugary base for a world-class dessert. Tiny, powdered cookies that crumble at the lightest touch, these shortbread treats are beloved from Manila to Mexico City.

In the United States, a version of these cookies is often called Mexican wedding cookies, but it would be a shame to leave them for special occasions alone. Recipes vary, and include almonds, walnuts or pecans, but each iteration of the cookies shares the same tender bite and origins in Spain; some speculate that the treats have even older roots in the Middle East. As if hours of fasting weren't enough to pique the appetite, many Ramadan adherents can look forward to the sweet taste of qatayef when the sun finally does set.

The dessert starts life as a kind of yeasted pancake batter, but qatayef is griddled on just one side, creating a toothy balance between the golden-fried crust and tender interior. Stuffed into the folded base is a sweet mixture of fresh cheese, dried fruits, nuts or cream, often scented with rose water or ground cinnamon. Some versions of qatayef can be eaten just like that -- perhaps with the addition of some aromatic syrup -- but classic recipes are fried before serving, adding an additional layer of crunch and flavor before the beloved sweets hit the holiday table.

Fluffy chocolate sponge cake is sandwiched with apricot jam and airy chocolate mousse in this classic treat. Beloved for a silky texture and rich flavor, the seductive cake was named for a love story that caught the world's attention with racy images and juicy details. Scented with saffron, rosewater and pistachios, it's no wonder that this Iranian ice cream is a favorite at Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

From a lightly golden color to its distinctive aroma, the creamy treat is the essence of spring. Saffron ice cream, or bastani, is a memorable experience on its own, and its flavor alone easily snags a spot among the world's greatest frozen desserts.

For the complete bastani experience, though, opt for a traditional Iranian ice cream sandwich of saffron ice cream between two thin wafers. The wafers' mild flavor and crispy texture are the perfect foil -- and conveniently shaped handle -- for the rich and aromatic ice cream, which is beloved from Tehran to Tehrangeles. Bite into the crisp shell of a deep-fried jian dui to discover a sweet filling within the golden, sesame-seed-studded exterior. This traditional Chinese treat is often filled with a sweet bean paste or a soft puree made from lotus seeds; both versions offer a deliciously mild counterpoint to the crunchy seeds.

Jian dui are especially popular as a treat at Lunar New Year celebrations, but not just for their delicious flavor. Dessert blogger and author Anita Chu writes that for many Chinese people, jian dui offer a special symbolism during that time: both the spherical shape and golden color are good omens for the year to come, as is the way the jian dui puff up when fried in hot oil. Like snow cones, Hawaiian shaved ice, raspados, granitas and dozens of other local variants, snow ice is Taiwan's answer to one of the world's great food truths: Nothing beats a sweet, icy treat when the weather is steamy.

Unusual shaving technique and complex toppings elevate the Taiwanese version above the competition. To top it all off, blend your own perfect mix of treats. Favorites include adzuki red bean paste, taro, grass jelly, fresh fruit, sweetened condensed milk and mochi, but Taiwanese snow ice is an invitation to get as creative as you'd like. Snow ice has spread to cities across the globe in recent years, but for the classic experience, head to Taipei's Shilin Night Market, where locals line up for the xue hua bing sold by dozens of vendors.

Slice into the crispy top of a sour cherry pie, and the brilliant filling might come as a shock -- it's an electric color that seems more likely to be harvested from a can than a tree. That electric red comes from the tart Montmorency cherries that are the classic filling for this pie. Since the tender fruits are more perishable than their sweeter cousins, if you live outside the Midwest or Northeast United States you might never have seen one.

Sour cherries have plenty of acid to counter-balance the sugar in the filling, and they're rich in tannins, too. It's a hint of complexity that put this fruit pie over the top as one of the best in America. On the search for the perfect slice of sour cherry pie? Ignore the chalky versions sold in restaurants that are 10 time zones from a mango tree; a ripe, tender dish of sticky rice with mango is among the world's most perfect desserts.

This traditional sweet begins with the glutinous rice that's grown in paddies across southeast Asia, and the starchy grains combine with rich coconut milk and palm sugar for a treat that retains a chewy bite even when it's perfectly soft. The sweet world of mangoes includes hundreds and hundreds of cultivars, but for a truly Thai sticky rice with mango there are just two favored varieties: choose between nam dok mai, a sweet, yellow fruit that's pertly curvaceous, or aok rong, whose higher acidity offers a pleasant counterpoint to the sweet rice.

The ultimate in comforting British desserts, this homey sweet is a warm serving of sticky nostalgia. A base of soft cake is studded with chopped dates, then drowned in a creamy sauce. Much of the distinctive flavor comes from treacle, or molasses. While treacle has given way to crystallized sugar in most cooks' pantries, it was once a favored sweetener that was an important part of working-class diets in the UK.

It's worth noting that sticky toffee pudding is not what's known as a pudding outside of the British Isles, where "pudding" is a generic term for dessert, but it's proved a popular export. With versions served from Wales to Wellington, it's likely that the sun never sets on the world's sticky toffee puddings. If you've never encountered this famed French dessert, then tarte Tatin may arrive as a delicious surprise.

To bake this caramelized treat, start by layering apples, sugar and butter in a heavy pan, then top it off with a round of dough. The pastry seals the filling into a steamy enclosure, allowing the sugar to caramelize as the apples melt into tender perfection. The crux of the operation is when the tart emerges from the oven and must be flipped onto a plate before the molten sugar turns to sticky glue. Creamy layers of whipped mascarpone cradle coffee-soaked ladyfingers in this modern Italian dessert, which has become a sweet mainstay around the globe.

It's no wonder. With a name that translates to "pick me up," it's a combination of coffee, chocolate, cream and optional booze that's sure to pique even the most jaded palates. Whatever the truth behind the creamy dessert, it's earned well-deserved pride of place on menus from Umbria to Ulaanbaatar.

A fluffy sponge cake is the perfect vehicle for delivering loads of flavor in this wonderfully creamy dessert. The "three milks" that the sweet is named for are usually sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream, which combine for a delightful cake so wet it's almost a drink. While fresh milk is now widely available, the flavor of sweetened condensed milk is a throwback to a time when the perishable stuff was hard to find, especially in warmer climates. Even in the days of refrigerated trucks, the gooey, sweet milk retains an appeal all its own, and flavor that infuses beloved treats around the world: it's stirred into Thai iced tea, drizzled over shaved ice raspados in Latin America and cooked into Brazilian brigadeiros.

Tender layers of sherry-soaked sponge cake alternate with jam, custard and -- in a practical British twist -- almost anything sweet and delicious the baker has on hand, as long as it's topped with a lush blanket of whipped cream.