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Alas, you might have to issue an IOU. They sell out fast. If your father is a tech lover, he may gravitate toward existing style The Hopper AKA 51 , a bold square frame inspired by the inventor. If dad is artistic, he may love The Duchamp 53 , a striking unisex cat-eye frame inspired by the daring Dada and Cubist painter, sculptor and chess player, formally known as Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp. Proof sustainable eyeglasses. Runners-up include Duck Bill for hunters and Nietzsche Nose eyeglass stands for armchair philosophers. Image from Pexels — under CC0 license.

I really appreciate it.

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You stood with me even when I needed to just be still. I always have your words with me, they lift me up when I am down and life struggles get to me. Your words have given me stepping stones when I have lost my path. You are the best. How blessed I am to have you.

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I will always do my best to make you proud. I see some other fathers and I know I am blessed to have you. Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash.

Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni from Pexels. Image from Canva — under one-time use license. I love you dad. Thank you dad for always being understanding and patient with me. How blessed my kids would be; I will try my best, just as you have taught me.

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Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash. Going through life with you as my guide is like walking on sunshine, with nothing to fear. I know I could and still can always count on you. Thank you for always being there. D edicated you are A wesome you be D evotion you always give. Dad, your example is my inspiration. When I don't know what to do, I think, "how would Dad handle this. Your are one of a kind, You always helped when we were in a bind, Dad you are inspiring and encouraging We could ask for no better man than you.

Father you have shown me love You were sent to me from above I am thankful for you You keep our family together like glue. We all have heroes in our life, and you Dad, are mine.

I love you! All your life you have put us kids first. Today is the day where we say you are number 1 Dad! You always gave me encouragement, and you gave me an example of how to live life. You cared, you shared, you laughed and consoled me. You are all that a child could hope for in a Father.

I love you Dad. Words can never express my love and appreciation for you. I can't imagine my world without you as my Dad.

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You are smart, you are funny You are more important than money If I could have one wish Is that your day be filled with bliss. You are a remarkable man. For all you have done, for all that you do. May life be good to you my Dad - you deserve it. You are one of a kind And you are mine You are the best Better than all the rest! Happy Fathers Day Dad! You know you are always loved but on this Fathers Day I wanted to make sure you know how much you are appreciated and how much I look up to you!

I could not have asked for a better Father. Also find Father Quotes that you may share with your Dad. For all the times I gave you a hard time, you always were there for me. Thank you for being the man you are. We had to conquer each step of learning to live as a family. But you have always been there for me. You have been more than a stepfather to me - you have been a Dad. Thank you Like the saying goes, "any man can be a father but it takes a special guy to be a Dad".

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You may not be my father by birth, but you sure are my Dad! I am not your natural child, but Step Dad you love me like I am. You will never know how much you mean to me. You have helped me take many steps, you have helped me up when I have stumbled. I'm so proud to call you my Step-Father.

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Love you lots! You always listen You always care. Thanks for always being there.

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