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Our Bog Baby homework!

This is a book we discovered at the local library. As you know, Rhino Reads is all about finding positive books that encourage and inspire children.

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The Bog Baby is a real gem! They go fishing, all by themselves and they catch a bog baby.

They love the bog baby and take it home to be their secret pet, playing with it and feeding it cake crumbs. But, despite their best efforts, the bog baby falls ill and they have to tell Mum everything.

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I defy anyone to read it and not melt a little. The thing that really impressed me about this book is the use of language to create magic.

Nyewood CE Infants School - The Bog Baby

The short sentences and inspired details build up a sense of wonder and adventure. And the best bit?

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Once the children are inspired and ready for adventure, they discover a page at the end to write notes about their own Bog Baby. A huge hooray for a magical book that celebrates and sparks the imagination and adventures of childhood. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. If you follow my Bog Baby Blog, I will update you with any sightings.

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Very little is known about Bog Babies as they are very shy, so the more people who help with this survey, the better. As well as finding out how many Bog Babies there are, hopefully we will also discover more about their appearance, behaviour, diet and habitat. It would be particularly interesting to know if there are different kinds of Bog Baby and whether or not their colouring varies in different parts of the world.

You will find a special form at the back of The Bog Baby book which you can use to write up notes on any Bog Babies that you find, or you can download a printable one from HERE.