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For the first time in the campaign, Mr. Scheer planned […]. The federal Conservatives have berated the Liberals for allowing one of their candidates in Nova Scotia to remain on the ballot after he admitted to racist and sexist posts on social media. When Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland furiously ordered her officials to revoke the diplomatic credentials obtained by a Montreal businessman who was notorious for his public, over-the-top enthusiasms for the bloody Baathist regime in Damascus, there was one important question she wanted answered, straightaway.

How could it have happened that the Office of the Chief […]. Three B. Green MLAs have been propping up the B. NDP minority government since the summer of But will this continue to be the case going forward? The B. No details have been offered in advance. Elections Canada is monitoring the potential Ontario education worker strike expected to begin on Monday, just days before advance polls open.

But while the agency says it does have contingency plans in the event of a strike, it does not anticipate any voting locations will change as a result. The investigation published Friday lifted the […]. It might seem unusual that this election has remained deadlocked for so long — and it is. Only a handful of previous […]. And why did the other four leaders not object to her exclusion? Three of them describe themselves as feminists or at least progressives. Should they have refused to […].

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The classic debate is two people with a moderator. That was true in the Roman Senate. It is true in every legislative chamber and courtroom to this day. A speaker speaks, an opponent responds, and occasionally the judge or the speaker imposes discipline. It is usually true at the Munk Debates, the gold standard in […]. This trundling campaign turned a corner on Wednesday night and suddenly found a new gear. We walked to the other end of the building and sat down to watch the debate which was just starting. It was also just ending for Andrew Scheer.

After nailing […]. Boris Johnson was bidding to shed his United States citizenship back in , when he was mayor of London and long before he ascended to the prime ministership of Britain. In the real world, there is nothing Canada can do that will have any significant, practical impact on global industrial greenhouse […].

If hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue, virtue must be feeling awfully flattered of late. Hardly had we digested the news that Justin Trudeau, for all his attempts to tar opponents as racially insensitive troglodytes — certainly next to his own exquisitely sensitive self — had made something of a hobby of dressing […]. Talk to a true-blue Conservative for more than five minutes and it inevitably comes out. The majority would be in the bag. Two days, two tales of two candidates vying to lead the country, each so very telling. No doubt the Conservatives are frustrated that leader Andrew Scheer keeps getting the same question over and over on the campaign trail: Can you explain how your personal views on same-sex marriage have evolved since ?

Yet it apparently has not occurred to the party — or else, they prefer not to acknowledge — that […]. With time […]. The first is that newbie Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet won the debate, giving a solid performance that will breathe even more life into his already-resurgent party.

As in bland. Expert sources drawn from academia and elsewhere are playing an important role in Election , and at a time when expertise itself is under attack. This federal election season, abortion is undeniably a campaign issue, with media coverage routinely suggesting abortion rights are tenuous or up for debate. It would […]. Legendary British drummer Ginger Baker, best known for his time with the power trio Cream, has died at the age of Baker passed away peacefully in hospital Sunday morning, his family said in a messaged posted on Twitter.

Conservatives announce fisheries plan at Atlantic Canadian events. Oct 6 — Sarah Turnbull — CTV News On the eve of the first commissioned English-language debate, strategists and political insiders with the Liberal party, the Conservative party and the NDP are weighing in on what each respective leader will need to do on Monday night to come out strong. Cape Breton Liberal candidate unworthy of seat after offensive tweets, say Tories. Oct 6 — CBC The federal Conservatives have berated the Liberals for allowing one of their candidates in Nova Scotia to remain on the ballot after he admitted to racist and sexist posts on social media.

Oct 5 — Terry Glavin — Maclean's When Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland furiously ordered her officials to revoke the diplomatic credentials obtained by a Montreal businessman who was notorious for his public, over-the-top enthusiasms for the bloody Baathist regime in Damascus, there was one important question she wanted answered, straightaway. How could it have happened that the Office of the Chief […] Read More. After months of grumbling about NDP climate failures, B. Green Leader Andrew Weaver plans major announcement.

Oct 6 — Charlie Smith — Straight. Read More. Elections Canada monitoring potential Ontario school strikes ahead of election. Oct 5 — Amanda Connolly — Global News Elections Canada is monitoring the potential Ontario education worker strike expected to begin on Monday, just days before advance polls open. Kenney and UCP deny fresh allegations about irregular votes, kiosks in leadership race.

The investigation published Friday lifted the […] Read More. Close elections like this one are rare — and hard to predict. Only a handful of previous […] Read More. To escape scrutiny the story is set in an earlier time , they hide out in Puerto Rico, where they are miserable, but somehow find the experience heartening. Murakami brings us a guy who eats a lot of spaghetti, then a girl calls looking for an old friend of his, the narrator demurs and returns to cooking spaghetti. Links: Earthgoat , Short Story Craft. An adolescent Croatian I think narrator is sent by his family to buy a freezer in Slovenia.

Desperate for adventure, he treats this errand as though he were a wandering poet, but he turns out to be more bumbling than anything else. Funny and poignant. It starts out very predictably before taking a deliciously strange turn. He is on a journey to save a life but he stops on the way to try to save another. Boyle has a book coming out this year called Talk Talk. The story is told from the perspective of the young daughter. It contains five stories. Links: Literary Saloon. If you want to keep up with the fiction next year, you can always subscribe.

Michael, I always enjoy your articles and may I just add that I always get my dad books for all holidays, and never have to be condescending in my picks. It is he who taught me my love of books; as a child I grew up surrounded by Tolstoy, Hemingway and great big fat history books. He is 80 now and still reads a book a week. I honour my dad who passed down his love of books and literature to his children. It is so great to talk books with family.

Father’s Day Books for Dads Who Actually Read

Happy fathers day to all you dads out there. Apparently this is a list for those dads who like to read but have somehow not been on Amazon or gone to a bookstore in years. Thank you so much for the writeup, and I hope aspiring writer dads find my book lives up to your generous assessment. With serious gratitude, BK. You left out Dads with a Sense of Humor. That seems a strange argument to make. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

But these just offer the merest hint of the literary plenty that is poised to deliver. A bounty that we have tried to tame in another of our big book previews. Tenth of December by George Saunders : Tenth of December is George Saunders at his hilarious, heartbreaking best, excavating modern American life in a way that only he can. Tenth of December has already prompted an all-out rave profile from the New York Times. And for those George Saunders super fans out there, yes, there is a story set at a theme park.

Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright : While Wright was working on his 25,word take-down of the Church of Scientology for The New Yorker where he is a staff writer , a spokesman for the organization showed up with four lawyers and 47 binders of documentation. And about literature, intimacy, the construction of intimacy.

Exodus by Lars Iyer : Exodus, which follows Spurious and Dogma , is the eminently satisfying and unexpectedly moving final installment in a truly original trilogy about two wandering British intellectuals—Lars and W. Emily M. Just imagine the characters in this title story, trying to quell their bloodlust, sinking their fangs into lemons under the Italian sun. His newest work is no exception. It is a network of family dramas in a small town, most of which revolve around loss or impending loss, strained relationships, and efforts to grapple, together, with the pain the characters face in their own lives and feel in the lives of those around them.

Sweet, mother of two children named Heracles and Persephone, a woman whose composer husband leaves her for a younger musician. Sweet could see Mrs. Sweet very well. In fact, that was all most people knew him as during his lifetime. Bush , the fundamental meaninglessness of life, and the continued decline of realist narrative fiction. The City of Devi , his third novel, takes place in a Mumbai emptied out under threat of nuclear attack. Sarita, a year-old statistician, stays in the city to find her beloved husband, who has mysteriously vanished.

She ends up teaming up with a gay Muslim man named Jaz, and together they travel across this dangerous and absurd and magical landscape. The Love Song of Jonny Valentine by Teddy Wayne : If you have ever wondered what, if anything, is going on inside the head of one of those kiddie pop stars who seem animatronically designed to make the tween girls swoon, then Jonny Valentine may be for you. Middle C by William H. Gass : Not many writers are still at the height of their powers at age Hell, not many writers are still writing at But William H. Gass has always been an outlier, pursuing his own vision on his own timetable.

His last novel and magnum opus The Tunnel took thirty years to write. The plot, such as it is, follows him from war-torn Europe, where he loses his father, to a career as a music professor in the Midwest. Not much happens — does it ever, in Gass? Or possibly any other. Get excited. A Thousand Pardons by Jonathan Dee : Author of The Privileges , arguably the best novel about haute New York in the boom years of the past decade, Dee returns with another tale of family life in the upper reaches of New York society, this time post-recession.

When her husband loses his job as a partner at a white-shoe law firm, Helen Armstead finds a job at a PR firm, where she discovers she has an almost magical, and definitely lucrative, gift: she can convince powerful men to admit their mistakes. But this is a novel, so her professional success does not necessarily translate into success in her personal life. Speedboat by Renata Adler : This novel, first published in , brings to mind the old saw about the Velvet Underground.

Not everybody read it, but everybody who did went on to write a novel of his or her own.

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Adler is primarily known for her acerbic New Yorker fact pieces, but, like her omnicompetent contemporary Joan Didion , she is also a terrific fiction writer. Writers still urgently press out-of-print copies on each other in big-city bars near last call. The book follows three characters: Mary, the mother in the photograph; Vera Dare, the photographer; and Walker Dodge, a contemporary-era professor of cultural history. The Tragedy of Mr. Its author weaves language into a tissue of reality hinting at some veiled, mysteriously interconnected, static truth beyond.

REPLAY: Maclean's National Leaders Debate

The novel features young writers, young love, artistic competition, girls, jaunts. In Partial Disgrace by Charles Newman : Newman, the editor who put TriQuarterly on the map in the s, was once spoken of in the same breath with the great dark humorists of postwar American writing. Even before his death, in , his novels were falling out of print and his reputation fading. The Childhood of Jesus by J. Coetzee : J. Coetzee, Nobel laureate and two-time Booker Prize winner, continues to explore the plight of the outsider in his new allegorical novel, The Childhood of Jesus.

They succeed, apparently, only to run afoul of the authorities, which forces them to flee by car through the mountains. As the lives of Ursula Todd continue to multiply, Atkinson asks what, then, is the best way to live, if one has multiple chances? Now, Messud returns with the story of a Boston-area woman who becomes entangled with a Lebanese-Italian family that moves in nearby.

Kindle Editions

Expect, among other things, insanely fine writing. Marinetti lookalike riding atop a cycle with a bullet-shaped sidecar were talismans among others for writing this book. Then he meets Kalaj — an Arab cab driver who denigrates American mass culture and captivates the student with his seedy, adventurous life. The book focuses on Thurlow Dan, the founder of the Helix, a cult that promises to cure loneliness. Ironically, Thurlow himself is profoundly lonely and longing for his ex-wife, Esme. The story: a couple determined to give birth to a second child in order to carry on the family line flee their village and the family planning crackdown.

These mementos set her on a journey around L. In this, his first novel to appear stateside, he offers the funny and absurd tale of two cousins from Zagreb who get caught up in the American Invasion of Iraq, circa Or is the word memoir? In the novel, a young Nigerian couple leave their homeland — she to America for an education, he to a far more unsettled, undocumented life in England. In their separate ways, each confront issues of race and identity they would never have faced in Nigeria, where they eventually reunite.

Red Moon by Benjamin Percy : Percy, whose previous books include the novel The Wilding and the story collection Refresh, Refresh , imagines a world wherein werewolves have always lived among us, uneasily tolerated, a hidden but largely controlled menace, required by law to take a transformation-inhibiting drug. The specter of parenthood, as the title suggests, appears in numerous guises, as does the reinvention that marked the protagonists of her novel the genesis of which she wrote about in our own pages.

At the beginning, we meet two orphans, Eirene Sklavos and Gilbert Horsfall, whose parents both died in separate conflicts early on in the second World War. They escape to a house in suburban Sydney and bond in a lush little garden. As with most things published posthumously, the story is a little bit scattershot, but early reviews out of Oz and our own take say the book is worthy of its author. The bad news, probably, is that American is fucked. The novel tells two parallel tales, plumbing both the comic and tragic of life. Forty-One False Starts: Essays on Artists and Writers by Janet Malcolm : The title of this collection comes from a New Yorker profile of the artist David Salle , in which Malcolm tried in 41 different ways, without success, to penetrate the carefully constructed shell of an artist who had made a bundle during the go-go s but was terrified that he was already forgotten by the art world, a has-been.

Transatlantic by Colum McCann : Known for deftly lacing his fiction with historical events — such as the high-wire walk between the twin towers that opened his National Book Award-winning novel, Let the Great World Spin — McCann threads together three very different journeys to Ireland in his new novel, Transatlantic. What happens when the plane has landed? Some of them, like Ghosts , are transcendently good, but none has been a breakout hit.

Maybe the reissue of The Hare , which appeared in the U. Taipei by Tao Lin : Indie darling Tao Lin officially enters the world of big six publishing with his eighth published work, Taipei , an autobiographical novel beginning in and concerning a few years in the life of a year-old protagonist moving from Taiwan to New York City and Las Vegas. His Wife Leaves Him by Stephen Dixon : Stephen Dixon, a writer known for rendering unbearable experiences, has built his 15th novel around a premise that is almost unbearably simple: A man named Martin is thinking about the loss of his wife, Gwen.

Seiobo There Below , one of several novels drawing on this experience, shows a Japanese goddess visiting disparate places and times, in search of beauty. The protagonist, Fly, is a cab driver with a penchant for binge reading. We learn that he chose his name to draw a contrast with a group called the Spiders. The Spiders are a loose collection of predatory cab drivers, who choose to wait for their customers rather than to hunt them on the streets. Fly himself, too, is no slouch when it comes to weirdness — he says that his mother gave birth to him in front of an audience of seals.

He specializes in what you might call information architecture, overloading his narratives with nonfictional data while strategically withholding the kinds of exposition that are conventional in fiction. The results speak for themselves: moments of startling resonance, power, mystery…and topicality. His work has previously tackled the Pinochet regime, artificial intelligence, and, in his terrific recent story collection, Night Soul , terrorism.

Now he turns his attention to the Iraq War. I did, however, see her speak at an event for the English department during my junior year.

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  5. She was astounding. There are prose stylists in this world and then there are storytellers, and rare are people like Danticat who are both. Haiti has always been an remarkable place — a nation built with equal measures of hope, passion, charm, malfeasance and tragedy. In this forthcoming story collection, Clare of the Sea-Light — which draws its title from a piece she originally published in Haiti Noir — we can expect the prodigiously talented author to render each aspect of the place beautifully.

    In the s, as urban development projects washed over the outer boroughs, the folks in Sunnyside did all they could to keep the place from turning into a cookie-cutter suburb. Driveways were banned and garages were disallowed. Though Penguin says the book has not yet been scheduled. More as we know it, folks. In October, though Granta Books in the U.

    The Dying Grass by William T. First up is Last Stories , a collection of ghost stories slated to hit bookstores next year. Assuming there still are bookstores next year. In a recent Believer interview , DeWitt suggested that the version that appears in print, if it appears in print, may not be the same as the.

    The making of a prime minister | Maclean's Magazine

    Chunks may have been spun off into other works of fiction. Whatever the damn thing ends up looking like, we eagerly await it. Like what you see? If anything, is backloaded, with new titles coming in the second half of the year from legends like Thomas Pynchon and Philip Roth and fan favorites like Lorrie Moore and Jonathan Lethem.

    A peek into , meanwhile, reveals more literary excitement on tap, with new titles on the way from Jonathan Franzen , Joshua Ferris , and others. Special thanks to the illustrious members of The Millions Facebook group who let us know what they are looking forward to. In July , Dave Eggers continues the trend he started with What is the What , working closely with his subject to produce a work with elements of memoir and non-fiction.

    A few weeks ago, The Rumpus ran a long interview with Eggers that touches on Zeitoun , among several other topics. William T. Vollmann is known for his superhuman writing output, but his forthcoming book Imperial is a monster, even for him. Ed offers quite a bit more discussion of the book. It is a rare thing these days when a flurry of media attention centers on someone who has no interest in basking in it.

    And so, perhaps as Pynchon intends, the focus will be on the book. Inherent Vice promises to be odd. The book sports neon cover art and follows a private eye Doc Sportello. Which was like this: at my old job, I was going through the mail. There was a New Directions catalog of aforementioned hot, up-and-coming items. I just love having something to look forward to. This time, the focus is on twins, one of whom has been missing for ten years.