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Symbols All Symbols. Theme Wheel. Themes and Colors Key. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Watership Down , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

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Dandelion runs, attempting to dodge the dog, who is close behind him, without leading him astray from the path to Blackberry. He briefly hides in a shed, but then runs back out to draw the dog onto the right path. As he runs, he realizes that the dog is getting tired. Blackberry too, though, has trouble keeping the dog moving in a straight line, and Dandelion joins the effort so that they can bring the dog up the down at a fast-enough speed to frighten the Efrafans.

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Active Themes. The Epic Journey. Bigwig defends the tunnel against Woundwort. Holly sees that Bigwig is bleeding and offers to take his place, but Bigwig insists this fight is his. Woundwort urges Bigwig not to throw his life away and offers him the chance to come back to Efrafa and take command of any Mark he wants. Bigwig curses Woundwort, realizing that the cunning General is trying to lure him above ground to be killed. Woundwort leaps forward onto Bigwig, and Bigwig is unable to push the massive rabbit off. Bigwig tries to get up but feels faint. When he stands again, Woundwort is gone.

Bigwig and Woundwort are true adversaries—though Hazel is the leader of Watership Down, Bigwig is its bravest physical defender, and he has a personal bone to pick with Woundwort after witnessing the violence, pain, mutilation, and destruction the rabbit has wrought on his own people.

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Violence and Power. Out in the Honeycomb, the exhausted Woundwort tells Vervain to finish Bigwig off. Vervain is shocked that Woundwort has been beaten. Woundwort goes to check on how the digging is going. Groundsel and the others nearly have one run open. Vervain approaches Woundwort and admits he is frightened to approach Bigwig.

Woundwort calls Vervain a coward and goes off to finish Bigwig himself. He was also something of a philosopher, and seems to have got a knack for it quite early.

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Once, as an undergraduate at Oxford, he asked Gilbert Ryle for a definition of philosophy his reply: "That is a very interesting question and one which philosophers are just beginning to ask themselves". This particular gift and Bailey had many, according to those who knew him does lead him into unusual areas of speculation, and sometimes it's hard not to think that it was unfortunate that at a crucial age he had to spend time trying to kill people rather than read and write books.

But, as he says, "war helped me to understand", and his descriptions of his comrades are both economical and evocative.

OMG! Bird stuck in the middle of the sky? Suspended Flapping Wings NOT Moving Forward-WHY?

Of course, they come on to the page only to be wiped off it shortly afterwards. This gives the book a strange, unearthly feel, populated as it is mainly by ghosts; it proceeds in linear order, and details are noted; but there's something very strange about it all, a curious tonal detachment that makes this not only unlike other war memoirs but unlike any other memoir you might have read at all.

There is no personal bombast to it; it's as if Bailey seems both unwilling and unable to let anyone know what his character actually is.

There is a possibility that it has been effaced by the exhaustion of constant effort, constant fear; there is certainly no sense that he is presenting himself as brave, or even lucky. Those searching for war-porn will not find it here, although you will learn that the windshields on twin-engine planes ice up because the warmth radiated from the nose of a Spitfire or Hurricane isn't there. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages.

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