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Shoebills communicate by clattering their giant bill together , creating a call that has been compared to the sound of a machine gun. According to Australia's Special Broadcasting Service, the hook at the end of the shoebill's bill is similar to the bone structure of a velociraptor. The hoatzin is a common South American bird with tall plumage on its head, a bright-blue face, and piercing red eyes. Baby hoatzins grow an extra set of claws on their wings so that they can hide in water if threatened by predators and then climb back up to their nest.

According to research published in cited by the National Audubon Society , hoatzins are a unique species that separated from other birds approximately 65 million years ago, and their closest relatives are cranes and plovers. Over six different species of pelicans live around the world. They're known for the giant pouch attached to their beaks, which they use to scoop up fish. The Ikrandraco avatar , a pterosaur found in China and thought to have lived million years ago, had a large, toothed beak with a pouch.

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According to researchers, the pouch indicates the creature may have scooped up its food, similar to a pelican. Read more : Dinosaurs' flying relatives had bird-like feathers on their wings and fuzzy fur on their bodies, new fossils reveal. The helmeted hornbill, with its striking appearance and maniacal-laughter-like call , is nothing short of a living, breathing dinosaur.

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However, helmeted hornbills are critically endangered. They're found only in Borneo, Sumatra, and southern Thailand. They have a prominent red casque and are often hunted for their solid beaks and sold on the black market. The ostrich is an intimidating flightless bird that can reach 9 feet tall, pounds, and run up to 43 miles an hour. Using its strong legs, an ostrich can kill a human, lion, or other threat with a couple of swift kicks.

The Ornithomimus, a Mesozoic-era dinosaur discovered fossilized in Canada, has similar traits to an ostrich. The Smithsonian , citing the journal Cretaceous Research , reported that both creatures have dense feathers covering their bodies, long necks, and bare legs , which help to regulate body heat.

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