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Thursday, 01 August If you're like me, you probably have cloth grocery bags but don't use them very often. Even if I keep them in my car, I usually forget to bring them into the store. At the library, we give guests hundreds of plastic bags every year. Now, if she'd write novels like these. Jun 09, Althea Ann rated it it was amazing.

An excellent collection of Willis' short fiction, this book gathers together 11 of Willis' short stories, all previously published, however. A photojournalist on his way to an assignment to document a minor tourist attraction, an old couple who claim to be driving the very last Winnebago motor home around the country, sees a jackal run over in the road. This causes him to remember his dog, one of the last of the species, which was wiped out by a deadly virus — but his dog was killed in a car accident.

Willis does a superb job here talking about the various kinds of extinction, different kinds of rights and freedoms, and the priorities and values that people assign, and why. Excellent story. The women of a family are up in arms because their teenage girl wants to join "The Cyclists.

In this situation, how did a brilliant physicist come up with theories regarding black holes that are respected years after his death? Answer: not much.

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Not the most brilliantly earth-shattering concept, but done well. Quarters are tight, and a NASA rep asks his girlfriend to put up one of the alien visitors in her apartment. Mobbed by unwanted roommates, two particularly awful aspiring starlets, an unsympathetic landlord, etc, the tension grows to an almost unbelievable point But things wind up in a really cute and romantic way However, this story, which speculates on who the Bard might have been, was really amazingly good — and almost believable! I cried. She reminisces about the choices she made in college, and reflects on how a decision doesn't necessarily have to be "evil" to ruin your entire life, and that of those around you.

Again, skewers the academic milieu, when the latest disaster striking campus is the Dean bringing in an unqualified consultant to do observification and restructurification of the Paleontology department. Very funny, probably more so if you're a professor. Here, the housewife does get her second chance, and things work out in the end. Also brings in the academic setting, as a researcher is reluctantly recruited to work on a seemingly ridiculous experiment involving time travel. One team gets a new member who seems to have an almost preternatural sense for discovering where people might be trapped under rubble, and rescuing them.

But one man suspects menace — is it just paranoia caused by war and stress.. The weakest story in the lot, I found it somewhat annoying. Mar 13, August rated it it was amazing. I started this book this morning while waiting for vital laundry to dry. It's a collection of short fiction from the author of the Domesday Book a personal favorite so I knew I'd most likely adore it. As if turns out, it was almost entirely love at first read.

As an aside, when moving, be sure the bulk of your clean clothes are not left miles away. It gets I'm not really sure I can do this one justice with a straight review. I should probably go down I started this book this morning while waiting for vital laundry to dry. I should probably go down the list of stories and say a bit about each of them. Not every story in here caught me the way that Domesday did but some managed to be even more endearing.

Turns out I was right, but I'm sad it never even occurred to me. This story took one reread to grow on me but that was all it took. Willis' gift for humor and her ability to truly touch dark issues can collide for me and it did in this troy of fascism in a future society.

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After the second read, however, I feel good and truly touched. This one's a favorite. Poor dog I'm not sure exactly what appealed to me here more - the lighthearted way it's written or the rather serious topics that manage to get serious attention in that style. It's funny, pithy and very woman-centric but not so much so that I could not both appreciate and relate.

Because of that, Willis' forays into physics fiction phyction? This story was not as humorous as many of the other pieces in the book and while that worked for me, I can see how it might not for others. Not in my top three for this collection but a good read. Some of the humor does not quite work today.

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That said, I adore anything that skewers political correctness and this absolutely does. Ado gets bonus points for being able to make dueling biblical passages funny.

The fun misunderstandings on the packed-to-the-gills space station if you want to dignify it by calling it a station are really enjoyable to muddle through along with the characters. This one does make my top three, just under Rialto. Winter's Tale expounds on that fantasy and takes it to a place I never would have imagined. Witty and imaginative, it ties with Rialto for my list of loved stories in this book, That makes my Top Three a top four, I suppose.

I saw that this story originally published in Asimov magazine. I'd say I am surprised, considering its very relationship-oriented subject, but as an avid reader of Asimov in college? Not so much. This fits right in. I liked it, though it did seem like the Chaos Theory aspect was made to fit the story, not the other way around.

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Yeah, I know, riding a T-Rex is not a great call. First issue; where would you keep one? And this story even has a constant gag about parking, so double win! Throw in Chicken Pox which nearly killed me when I was a child and you have the makings for a fun little romp. Not a favorite, but probably only because there was a lot of great competition in this book.

Set during the Blitz in London, Jack may or may not be, from your point of view a vampire story. I have my own reasons for loving undead tales set in World War II but suffice to say? This is a good one. It was only after finishing it and therefore the book, as this was the last story that I realized how much it reminded me of one of my favorite movies - Clockwise with John Cleese.

This is a very good thing. There was never a 'least favorite' in the lot and while I could pick one if I had to, it's my review so I don't. Dec 02, Elizabeth K. What I learned from this book: I either love or hate Connie Willis short stories. Despite being a big fan of To Say Nothing of the Dog , I am going to have to pass on Willis doing comedy in the future. I'm not sure what aspect of her humorous writing is the most annoying. Candidates are 1. On the plus side, I very much enjoy her stories that aren't trying to be screwball comedies. In this collection, there was a terrific one about Shakespeare conspiracies and a really good one about the London bombings although, interestingly, not exactly a Firewatch story.

Grade: Meh. Recommended: if I had this to do over, I would have ditched the stories I wasn't enjoying and skipped ahead to find ones I liked better. Aug 27, Brian Rogers rated it really liked it. Short story collections can be so hard to rate.

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Connie Willis is an outstanding writer - there are few better at either farce or building up tension inside a social story - and there are some outstanding examples of that in this collection Last of the Winnebagos, Even the Queen, Winter's Tale, Jack. Unfortunately to do this she relies on several repeating motifs, and seeing too many of them in a row tends to dilute their impact.

It's likely best to read a story and put the book down for a week Short story collections can be so hard to rate. It's likely best to read a story and put the book down for a week, then read the next. Willis is also an example of why we need different voices in fiction: while she spends time in this kicking against 's shibboleths Ado which now read as dated and tiresome, her ability to speak for the middle age suburban wife and mom in science fiction is one one the things that makes her great.

It's not the only thing, but there was no one else in the 80's and early 90's who produced things like Even the Queen, Chance, or Time Out when we obviously needed them.

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  5. We also clearly need more lovers of classic movie farces, where she channels her sense of timing, sharp dialogue and absurdity, even if I think Spice Pogrom goes on a little too long and At The Rialto is a little too on the nose - that's likely just me. Thinking over the stories again made me go up and boost my review by one star. Willis is like that. May 18, Lucy rated it liked it Shelves: speculative-fiction.

    I have to stop reading those short story collections that have their authors write little personal blurbs before each story. I did not need to know that Willis is anti-feminist. Frankly listening to her grumbling about how political correctness is going to destroy us all rings so, so bitterly in the year of our Trump that I did not finish the collection. The stories I read were fine. Oct 28, Illyria rated it it was amazing Shelves: sf , , short-story-collection. Is it just me, or women do write more fluid dialogs in their SF stories?

    After reading McCaffrey, and then Bujold, and then finally reading Connie Willis, it came to me that while authors like Theodore Sturgeon, Greg Bear, even Asimov and Clarke, came up with mindblowing plot and intergalactic sweep, dialogs between their characters might seem stilted and perfunctory. Compare them with the dialogs between the characters of McCaffrey's "Pegasus in Flight" for instance, or Bujold's "The Warrior Ap Is it just me, or women do write more fluid dialogs in their SF stories? Compare them with the dialogs between the characters of McCaffrey's "Pegasus in Flight" for instance, or Bujold's "The Warrior Apprentice", and especially with the characters in Willis' short stories, and you'll see the difference.

    Willis wittily, and with a wry sense of humor, expounds on womanly woes in "Even The Queen". She cleverly, and comically, wrote about how love bloomed in unlikely situations, a space center embroiled in a negotiation with aliens "Spice Pogrom" and a science convention in Hollywood "At The Rialto".

    She drew, in rich detail and with deep sensitivity, WW II London, with its unique band of bomb wardens, and a most civic-minded, patriotic, creature of the night "Jack". She waxed beautifully about loss "Chance" and "The Last of The Winnebagos" , and spun a cannily authentic-sounding theory about the true author of Shakespeare's great plays "Winter Tale".

    I think, if you're just starting to read SF, and especially if you don't care that much for science, and you think your life as a housewife or a nine-to-five worker is too ordinary, this is an excellent introduction to SF--one that brings science and life and emotions and fantasy together in an effortless, natural, funny, and sensitive way.

    Sep 16, Ashlan rated it liked it Shelves: dropped , short-story , science-fiction. This one sits between a 2 and a 3 for me, and has the weird distinction of being one of the only books I've dropped as much because of the author commentary as the fiction. The stories themselves were hit and miss for me which I expect in an anthology, a bit less from a single-author collection. The Last of the Winnebagos and Schwarzchild Radius were solid, slightly unsettling science fiction that will stay with me for a while. Spice Pogrom was an exercise in gritting my teeth to finish someth This one sits between a 2 and a 3 for me, and has the weird distinction of being one of the only books I've dropped as much because of the author commentary as the fiction.

    Spice Pogrom was an exercise in gritting my teeth to finish something--but I can't fault the execution, since it was a well-done take on a genre of movie that drives me crazy. What finally finished the book off for me was how the author kept complaining in her pre-story notes, over and over, that the world had become too politically correct and isn't the idea of "women's issues" ridiculous and just When I look at the feminist science fiction that was contemporaneous with this work, it makes me wonder who she's arguing with, and why it consumed so much of her attention that she ignored the interesting things that were happening in her own genre.

    The third time it happened, I decided to stop ignoring other things in my to-read pile for something that felt like such a slog to finish. Feb 10, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , fantasy , collection. A collection of short stories by Connie Willis. I thought I'd read more of her short stories than I had, but there was only one story in here that I'd already read. I'm envious of the characters in it. The stories have themes you'll be familiar with if you've read other things by Connie Willis.

    Time travel, the Blitz, Christianity, hectic goings-on, Hollywood. One type of story she writes that I find uncomfortable is ones in which characters can never seem to sit do A collection of short stories by Connie Willis. One type of story she writes that I find uncomfortable is ones in which characters can never seem to sit down and talk to each other.

    The main character can't achieve the simplest of goals because she's too busy being interrupted by other people and circumstances. It creates a tension in me that I don't like. I'm not reading on to find out what happens next; I'm reading on so the out-of-control situation will finally END. It's rather like being overwhelmed by too much, prolonged, multitasking.

    In the stories, it makes for comedy, but I can't fully appreciate the humor, because I'm too irritated. Absolutely none of the stories bored me, though. And I couldn't even point at flaws in them. Which is why she's a master. Jul 09, Marie rated it liked it. The first story "The Last Winnebago" was dated in amusing ways - you know how it is. We can foresee all these future tech advances - her characters have ring tones that identify callers, but their phones are tied to their homes and cars, not carried around.

    The main character is photographer and has FILM. Actual film. I forgot that used to be a thing. The story has a very tight plot, complex and neatly tied up at the end, which I think is Willis' strong suit. My favorite story was the second-to-last one, "Jack", a tale of London during the blitz that doesn't pull any punches - also considered a Willis strong point.

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    Dec 15, Terence rated it it was ok Shelves: sf-fantasy , short-story-collections. Not being a big fan of humorous SF The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was good but the subsequent books got less and less interesting , I found most of the stories in this collection To be honest, I couldn't even bring myself to finish some of the stories.

    That said, "Winter's Tale" is a wonderful answer to all the "who was Shakespeare" conspiracy theorists and alone deserves 4 stars. I don't usually enjoy reading short stories and bought this book only because I'm a Connie Willis fan and want to read everything she's ever written: Surprisingly enough, I found myself enjoying these short stories very much. As in Fire Watch another collection of short stories by Connie Willis, but one I didn't enjoyed much , what I found very interesting is the preamble to each story, in which Willis explains her motivations.

    It I don't usually enjoy reading short stories and bought this book only because I'm a Connie Willis fan and want to read everything she's ever written: Surprisingly enough, I found myself enjoying these short stories very much. It gives the reader much insight into the stories. Dec 19, Saara rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , science-fiction , short-stories , historical-fiction. Excellent collection of shorter and longer stories. Before I picked this book up at a thrift shop mostly because of the interesting cover and a little because of the blurb at the back I had never heard of Connie Willis, but now intend to get my hands on as much of her work as possible.