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I've been surprised at how polarizing this is. There was just one problem with that.

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And while many who have heard of his diet are nothing short of jealous, some are worried about his well-being. Janssen eats plain pizza, but mixes it up with everything from frozen pizza to local pizza places to making his own. His freezer is crammed with frozen pizzas, and then the other part of the refrigerator includes ingredients from artisanal pizza shops.

He went to one pizza place so much that he became friendly with the owners to the point where he started helping them with their marketing. I can get pizza for a week on that. Mostly, it's just footage of a weirdo forcing himself to chew, swallow, and digest raw meat to "own" the vegans on camera. Hope he doesn't get tapeworms. Type keyword s to search.

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This moment completely changed my life. I was so inspired and blown away by this simple book which taught me the basics of good nutrition and the most healthful foods to eat. Grub: ideas for an urban organic kitchen was also a game changer for me. Plus documentaries like Food, Inc. This was my attempt at eating healthy while staying in a hotel room, which is a whole different story than being at home.

This is one of my first trips to the farmers market. I was catching onto the concept of eating local, unpackaged food in the summer of Here is what I got at the grocery store in the summer of Much more of a plant-based diet, much less packaging, and much less processed foods. Here is a soup I made in the summer of On October 16 th I was feeling ridiculously healthy so I went through my old receipts to compare what I was currently purchasing to what I was purchasing in I found that I was no longer purchasing as much of frozen chicken breasts, frozen veggies, frozen tuna, wine, cereals such as honey bunches of oats and grape nuts, bread, milk, single serve yoghurt, hummus, and citrus fruits.

I was basically buying a lot less packaged items and instead was preparing foods myself. I also noted that I had started to eat more grains as the year progressed. In the fall of I printed out some personal guidelines and hung them up in my kitchen. These were my basics to ethical and healthy eating:.

At that time I had created those guidelines as something to strive for but I was by no means accomplishing it completely. It was a further transition to fully catch my actions up to my beliefs. By this I mean my knowledge had developed faster than I was willing to fully make the changes that I knew I needed to. I continued to make the transition from there though and those are the same basic guidelines that I stick to today. When traveling I always seek out a co-op or a health food oriented grocery store and find the local markets for fresh produce as well as dried goods.

Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or peanuts. I choose one of these 3 because they are the cheapest of all the nuts and seeds.

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Sugar to brew Komucha. Geens such as kale, chard, spinach, arugula, and dandelion greens, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, beets, garlic, ginger root, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, zucchini, squashes, eggplant, tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh herbs such as basil and thyme, apples, oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit, berries, pears, nectarines, peaches, and plums. I am happy to eat just about any fruit or vegetable on earth. I typically eat what is local and in season. Rather than just look at what I want, I pick the produce that is the least expensive and has the greatest amount of nutrients.

This list of fruits and veggies above is my staple produce list but it varies depending on season and where in the country or world that I am in. I also brew my own Kombucha and sometimes make my own Sauerkraut.

A Man Ate Nothing But Junk Food For 30 Days And Lost Weight—

Most would consider these plants to be weeds but they are highly nutritious and free. At this point in my life this makes up a very small portion of my diet though. I have grown some of my own food but since I travel a lot I have not dived very deep into growing my own. This is one of the farmers markets that I shop at:. This photo shows is a typical meal that I get.

Raisins are in a plastic package, coconut oil is in a glass jar, and apple cider vinegar is sometimes in a glass jar or sometimes in bulk. Also all of the produce is package free but some produce has stickers, twist ties, or rubber bands on them. I bring my reusable bags or jars to the grocery store and fill them in the bulk dried good section.

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My store and many others out there even has bulk oils, honey, peanut butter, and condiments that I bring my own jar and fill up. Instead of using the plastic produce bags to put my fruits and veggies in I just put the produce straight into my reusable grocery bags or bike panniers. This photo shows my reusable bags for bulk items and produce as well as a few jars:. Nearly every single item that I buy is a single ingredient. Apples instead of applesauce, whole grains like rice instead of pasta, and no packaged meals like frozen pizza. I get my food as simple as it comes and in a state close to what it looks like when it came from the earth.

Nothing I buy requires refrigeration. And I purchase fruits and veggies in small quantities often to decrease the amount I waste. This was probably the step that took the longest to transition to. A long list of ingredients, packaging, and meat vs. Today I only buy organic food when I can.

Eating organic also means GMO-free of course. Getting meat and animal product intake down to just one meal a day would be huge. I support local farmers markets, health food stores, and restaurants rather than having my money taken out of my community and sent to the big corporate offices. Not only do I shop local but I aim for the food that I purchase to be grown locally as well.

In the past I would have thought it to be expensive to eat the way I do.

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I thought eating organic was expensive and I thought in general fresh fruits and vegetables were expensive. But through my transition I learned that I was totally off base. First of all I was spending a fair amount of money on alcohol. It really came down to that I was prioritizing other things over eating healthy. They have to make the conscious choice to spend their money on food that will prevent these Western Diseases rather than spending their money on treatments that work on the branches of the problem rather than the roots.

Some others would say that eating healthy is for the elite. I totally understand where they are coming from. If I walked into a health food store not knowing what I know and just looked at all the prices I might be shocked.

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Eating organic and healthy can be really expensive just as eating poorly can be really expensive. But eating healthy by nature is typically no more expensive than eating a diet of poor nutritional quality. The food I buy is not expensive. Typically my oatmeal includes raisin or fruit, coconut oil, ground flax seed, honey, and maybe nuts or coconut flakes.

Most of the foods in my shopping list are far less expensive than going to McDonalds for a couple burgers and fries. In future blogs I will go into more details on how this can be done. Food deserts, where healthy food is not available make it very hard to do this but I will also be exploring that in depth in the near future and sharing how it can be overcome in many instances. The food that I eat has actual nutrients that do far more than fill me up; they make my body function at a healthy level.

My transition from burger slamming college kid to a real food eating dude was not overnight and was not without hurdles. It took years of dedication to education and to putting what I learned into action. The good news is that it became easier with time as I became healthier and more informed. I encourage you to start your transition today!

For a bit of a deeper look into how to eat in a manner that causes less destruction to the earth as well as some great documentaries and books on this subject check out The Planet Friendly Diet. My life and my work are for the greater good of all. Happiness, health, and freedom to you! Rob you are the male version of what i wish to be. I already eat plant based but i am still working on buying less packaged, its not easy.

Its conveniant i work a lot and am exhausted. I do buy more in bulk now but not near as much as i would like to. Any tips? Transitioning comes from awareness… We've slowly been doing the same process, though I doubt we will ever be solely plant based. Awesome effort. Infact I'm on the same page as you.

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About five years ago, I started on a similar journey to yours when I started crossfit. As well I began a paleo diet. In my gym I had out done most athletes half my age.

A Man Who Refused to Eat for 382 Days and Lost 275 Pounds

With limited ownership it proves you have nothing to be concern at all but your own health. That's a testiment that money can't buy. But there's also something I like to add. About two weeks ago my hot water system broke down. It was a 22 yr old unit. I found my self having cold showers. It seems as though its a blessing in disguise because after a cold shower, I've never felt so refreshed. Most of all, your expose info are so practical we can all live in a better world.